Meet our Ambassadors

These girls are top of the class!  Our store ambassadors are inspirational figures from all walks of life and all parts of the world!  We have moms, before and after success stories, fitness mavens, bikini competitors, models, you name it!  Not only are our ambassadors inspirational and gorgeous but they are here to help motivate you on your own journey to greatness!  Check them out, give them a shout and definitely follow them!


• Kacey Arrieta

My name is Kacey Arrieta and I am 27 years old. I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and raised in Charleston, SC. My passion is health and fitness and I enjoy helping others.

After graduating high school in 2006, I became almost 20 pounds over weight. I got to the point where I was disgusted with my body but had no idea where to start. It was 5 years later, in 2011 I got fed up and started making changes. Like most girls, the first thing I did was put the food down and did as much cardio as possible each and every day. That is when I started seeing drastic change for the good and the bad. I was happy that I was losing the weight I had put on over the years but was unhappy for not having muscles or definition. That is when I met my boyfriend Justin Gonzales WBFF Pro at the time in 2012. I had no clue how much time and dedication it took to be a Fitness Model and he has helped open my horizons. With his support, I have learned to be more patient, more determined and more dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. It was that moment when he started bringing me around all these Professional Fitness Models that I knew this was my calling. Not necessarily to compete in shows, but to grow myself in the fitness industry while helping others to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Instagram: @kk_mari


• Brieanna Denman

I'm very passionate about health and fitness with an extensive background In martial arts. Growing up with a former bodybuilder as a father and a naturopathic enthusiast as a mother, the importance of proper nutrition and the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle was engrained at a very early age. I strive to emanate and be an example of true health while hoping to elevate and inspire women through their own fitness journeys.

I am a sponsored athlete, fitness model with Wilhelmina international, Personal Trainer, 1st degree black belt in taekwondo and a karate instructor to both children and adults. Have premiered in Hawaii Five-0, Crash 2, and music videos.

November 2nd 2013 I competed in my first NPC show at the Paradise Cup in honor of my mother who passed away September 20th of last year. Taking 1st place in the medium division I'm now a Nationally qualified competitor.

A few things I've done:


• Lola Peters

Yoga Instructor, Bodyweight Movement coach, Trx Trainer, Fitness Model and Acro-Yoga affectionado. Lola has a collective 14 years of athleticism experience. She has had the honor of working with dozens of highly reputable fitness brands, such as Lululemon, Prana, Yogasmoga and Albion. Recently, she has co-hosted several yoga workshops in the Los Angeles area and has contributed several articles to various social media platforms. She continues to inspire and educate the world about fitness on a daily basis.

Instagram: @lolathlete