Why You Should Consider Investing In a Personal Trainer

            The new year is approaching fast and usually it is the most popular time to make new year resolutions to improve on your diet, health and wellness goals. At first, the commitment to exercising more and eating healthy meals is easy. However, for whatever reason after the first week or two many people tend to fizzle out of their new and improved routine. If you are serious about getting fit and really want to get committed, then investing and working with a personal trainer may be in your best interest and here’s why:


Safety - This is probably the most important factor especially if you are new to working out and changing your diet. In addition, many people don’t know how to exercise properly. When you perform exercises incorrectly you won’t see results and will most likely become bored and frustrated but worst of all, you can get injured. Our bodies are built to move a certain way and if you repeatedly make incorrect movements it can accumulate to an injury over time. A personal trainer can help spot you on free weights as well as ensure that you will exercise with proper form and technique so that you can prevent any injuries. Their expertise will also introduce you to new exercises that will keep your workouts new and exciting.


Personalized Plan - Everyone’s body is different and there are numerous factors that need to be taken into account when working out efficiently and effectively. The free exercise plans you’ll find online are usually a general plan and aren’t always the most effective for everyone, especially if you have pain or injury you may want to stay away from certain exercises. A persons weight loss goals, medical history and injury history all need to be considered when preparing for workout routines. A personal trainer will also consider your current eating habits to see how and what you should change to help you lose weight faster and get more fit.


Accountability - Regardless of what your work schedule is like, you are most likely a busy individual with a full schedule and responsibilities. Attempting to exercise and eat healthy once in a while is not how you will successfully and efficiently reach your fitness goals. You need someone that will hold you accountable. Hiring a personal trainer will keep you motivated as well. When you invest money in a personal trainer, you are investing money for an exercise routine and investing in someone’s time as well. When you’re involving someone else’s precious time, you don’t want to let them down or waste their time by slacking or skipping out on workouts.


Be Challenged - Even if you can hold yourself accountable to sticking to your workouts, you may be the one that slacks off on occasion especially when its a hard workout. Working with a trainer can help you push past your limits as well as encourage you to work harder when you normally would slack off. Whether it’s forcing you to run longer or lift heavier weights, a trainer can help condition you to push your boundaries.


Personal Therapist - Although a little unorthodox, when you spend a lot of one-on-one time with your personal trainer, your workout sessions can also become great venting sessions. Especially since you can count on them to be an objective eye, you can typically count on them to give you a response that is honest.


No More Plateauing - With the knowledge of an experienced fitness trainer, you won’t find yourself plateauing as you reach closer towards your fitness goal. As you continue to lose weight and gain more muscle, the workouts you did 10 pounds ago may not be as affective now as it was then. Hiring a personal trainer can help keep your workouts fresh and change them according to your needs and body as it changes. After doing the same workout for several weeks your body naturally becomes accustomed to the workout and it no longer spikes your metabolism or challenges you.


Eye Candy - Earlier, we mentioned that having a personal trainer can help keep your accountable with your progress and workout sessions, however, working with a trainer that is more fit than you can definitely be motivational eye candy. After all, who wants to slack when you’re standing next to a complete hottie. If a picture model of your dream body isn’t enough to keep you motivated then a real life model can be an even bigger inspiration to help you reach your goals faster.


Efficient - Not only will a personalized plan by a personal trainer lead you to results more efficiently, but they can also provide you with time efficient workouts as well. Say you’re in a crunch one day and you need a routine that is super intense within a 20-30 minute time frame. They can provide the best program for you to get an elaborate workout in within that short time frame. After all, it’s not quantity of time… it’s the quality of the workout that is important.


Become the inspiration - How would you like to become a fitness inspiration for others? Many personal trainers like to have before and after transformation pictures of their clients after they’ve gone through several months of personal training. This holds especially true for those trainers whose business is based through online clientele. Motivate yourself to work hard within your training session whether its 8 weeks or a 16 week session, so that you can be someone else’s inspiration.