Why you should go hiking this summer

Hiking doesn't always pop up as the first thing in your mind when you think of a sport or even a workout; but it does deliver similar results and even bigger rewards. It has been a popular past time activity for decades and has become even more and more popular. Here are some reasons as to why you would enjoy hiking and why you should plan your next trip ASAP.

            Planning a hiking trip will prompt you to travel. Hiking will motivate you to travel to new and exciting places you haven’t seen before. Once you start, you’ll have a craving for more. Because every hiking trail is different, it will be new and exciting every single time. Sitting at the beach will become boring and hiking will help you get in shape while you’re on vacation. Take these opportunities to seek new adventure and become inspired.

            Hiking is a major stress reliever. Working 40 hours a week, even at a job that you love, eventually will build up tension and stress. You deserve to relax and vegging out at home just doesn’t always cut it. Exercise is one of the best and natural stress relievers. It is a great way to escape the everyday causes of stress while you focus on nature.

            The beauty of nature cannot be appreciated in the walls of your cubicle. This is the top reason why people enjoy hiking. Hiking gives you the chance to rediscover the beauty of the seasons and the simple things in life, like animals, flowers and trees that you won't normally see around the neighborhood. Whether it’s hiking up a cliff to see a beautiful view from above or hiking through a forest to reach a peaceful meadow is worth the effort of hiking through a rigorous trail.

            Speaking of rigorous trails, another reason you should go hiking is because it makes for an awesome workout. You get to breathe in fresh air while enjoying a beautiful view that is not a TV screen or the blank wall of your gym and still burn hundreds of calories. If you are bored of your gym routine, going on a hike will set some fuel to your fire and motivate you.

            Give your lungs some fresh air. Just like other animals, humans were designed to be outdoors. It is not healthy for your body to be cooped up in houses or polluted cities. Getting away from the city and streets will help detox your body while you’re breathing in fresh oxygen. So step away from your computers and TVs and get out into the nature to freshen up your mind as well as your lungs.

            It is an experience of a lifetime. Going to the gym doesn’t have any special qualities other than the machines help you lose weight. Hiking is an outdoor sport that you can enjoy for the rest of your life and you can create that memory with friends or loved ones. 


Erika Alexandra