Getting that Volleyball body

Lets face it, there aren’t too many sports that can compete with volleyball (especially beach volleyball) when it comes to sex appeal. Who wouldn’t want to look like a pro volleyball athlete and have the confidence to walk around in a bikini all year long? The great news is that you don’t have to bump, set, dig or spike on a volleyball court to get the sexy beach volleyball body. You can get a flat and toned stomach, sculpted arms and legs by integrating these volleyball moves into your exercise routine.


1. Squats, Squat Holds and Jump Squats. All of you are familiar with squats but some of you may not be familiar with a squat hold: imagine yourself squatting as if you’re sitting in a chair, keeping your feet shoulder width apart without letting your knees pass your toes. All of your weight should be kept on your heels and squat low enough that your hands can touch the ground. Keep the position for about 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 times. Make sure to keep your back straight. Sometimes it helps to keep your arms and hands held out straight forward. As for jump squats, you just squat and follow it with a jump and fall back into a squat again. Squats are a common stance in volleyball and target your lower body, specifically your thighs, glutes and quads.


2. Lunges. During a volleyball match you may need to jump or dive to save a ball from landing on your side of the court. You can recreate the perfect volleyball save by lunging forward or to the side. When you step out with your leg, extend and lower the arm of the same leg you stepped out with, like you’re about to save a low ball. This will help stretch your hamstrings as you’re working out.


3. Towel Pushes. You’ve probably seen these in movies when someone cleans the floor by getting on all fours as they push a towel across the floor. Well, believe it or not, this makes for a great workout! Cleaning and buffing floors can help tone your body. Walking across the floor on all fours while pushing a towel engages your entire body, including your upper body and core. For those of you that are unsure of proper form, just imagine a sprint start. During a sprint start you are bent over while hinged at the waist but instead of running, start walking slowly. Eventually you should pick up the pace to increase your heart rate.


            A volleyball-body workout isn’t complete without the proper volleyball workout attire. Volleyball athletes always wear skin tight shorts and tops. Try these volleyball moves while wearing our spandex Under Armour shorts. They hug your thighs to prevent any clothing rashes and are also moisture-wicking so that they keep you cool and dry while you workout. They are super stretchy which allows you to move in full range without feeling constrained. In addition, these shorts are built with flatlock seams which feel smooth on your skin and prevent chafing. You can definitely go the distance in these practical shorts.



Erika Alexandra

Instagram: erika_alexandra