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Benefits of Working out with a Friend

Posted on 03 April 2015

Going to the gym everyday is part of your routine… but sometimes, that’s all it is: a routine. Although some people may enjoy the silence of working out alone, I think many of us can agree that it can get a little dull without someone to hit the weights with. Here are some benefits of working out with a partner. For those of you that prefer the working out in solitude, these reasons may change your mind.


1. You will work out harder. When you’re working out with a buddy or a girlfriend/boyfriend, you are always going to try and push yourself harder than when you’re alone. There will naturally always been a slight increase in intensity. Why? Because no one wants to be the one who can’t keep up with the others. That being said, you should pick a workout partner with an athletic stamina that is close to yours. If you choose to workout with someone with significantly lower athletic ability, you won’t reap the benefits of working out with a partner because there is no sense of competition. If you choose to workout with someone that is significantly more athletically experienced than you are, then you may being to feel a little disappointed and lose motivation. If you’re on the same level that you can push each other. No one wants to be a quitter.


2. You will be more motivated to work out. After a long day at work, sometimes you get lazy and going to the gym starts feeling more like an undesirable chore. When you have plans to work out with a friend, you will feel less inclined to cancel. You don’t want to bail on someone who is counting on you. The chances of you getting in an evening workout session after work is much higher than the tentative plan you made for yourself if you were to go alone. This motivation to work out every day with a friend will put you in a routine and a habit that you won’t even think about cancelling workout plans.


3. You will always have someone to spot you. Sometimes approaching free weights can be intimidating when you’re doing it alone and you surely don’t want to ask someone random to spot you. When you workout with a friend, you won’t ever have to ask a stranger to spot you or even count your own reps. Having a spotter while you’re bench pressing can help you push through a few more reps. Those extra reps make all the difference in building your stamina, strength and toning your body.


4. You will have more of a workout variety = more fun. The treadmill and weights can start looking a little dull after weeks of repetitive workouts. With a workout buddy, you are open to exercise outside of the gym. You can play tennis, basketball, etc. In addition, with a workout buddy you can do exercises that require a second person. For example, high five pushups, single-leg deadlift with medicine ball, partner plank and single-leg hip raise. These are ways for both of you to get in a good workout while changing up your gym routine.


            With all of these benefits of the “buddy system”, there’s no reason for you to work out alone!


Erika Alexandra

Instagram: erika_alexandra

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