Benefits of doing a circuit instead of your boring gym routine

Before getting into the benefits of circuit training, I should provide you with a brief definition. Circuit training is a type of conditioning and resistance training using weights and repetitive movements followed quickly by another exercise that targets muscles in a different part of your body. This routine goes on for around 30-45 minutes as you move from one exercise to the next. These programs typically are comprised of at least six strength exercises and between each station you should rest no longer than 30 seconds as you want to keep your heart rate up. And now the advantages:

1. The first benefit to circuit training is that you can maximize your results within a restricted amount of time. This is great for those of you that have a busy schedule. Since you continuously change exercises between numerous stations, you are keeping your heart rate up and steady. Doing circuit training prevents your body from coasting, as you might find yourself doing on an elliptical for example. This goes hand in hand with the next benefit.

2. Challenge yourself. Instead of just going with the motions, whether it’s on the stair master or the treadmill, you can keep yourself focused and “renewed” as you shift from one routine to the next within your circuit. Keep it exciting for your body as you change things up rapidly.

3. Your metabolism will shoot out of the roof. Circuit training is definitely considered high intensity training as well as interval training. This kind of workout is the most effective as you burn the most calories during your training and will continue to burn more after you are done working out.

4. Mixing strength training and cardio will help maximize the effectiveness of your circuit training. Giving your body a variety will keep it exciting and puts your body in “shock” every time you switch routines within your circuit. You don’t want your body to have muscle memory and recognize or expect what’s coming next in your workout. Keeping it fresh will make for a butt kicking workout.

5. Build on your strength. As with other weight lifting routines, circuit training is a great benefit to improve your strength. Ever buy a trunk load of groceries and feel like minimizing your trips back and forth between your car and your kitchen?? Well, this is where circuit training will help you maximize the amount of grocery bags you can bring into the house each time. You may start with two bags in each hand at first. And before you know it, you will find yourself with five bags in each hand.

6. Build your endurance. Since circuit training is such high performance, it will improve your stamina. For example, you may have to walk several sets of stairs to get to your apartment and by the time you get there you’re completely exhausted. Circuit training can help you feel more energized and less out of breath over time.

Overall it’s a great alternative to those boring gym routines you’ll surely get sick of!
Erika Alexandra
Instagram: @erika_alexandra