Eat Sleep Booty

Hi friends! Happy New Year to you all! I thought to get this year started off right I would bring you my weekly booty exercises as I gear up for my next NPC Show here in Las Vegas. More on that later… This last week I really focused on the glutes with some of my favorite moves. We took it outside for an intense glute focused workout. You can do this almost anywhere so there are no excuses! We did a lot of lunges, squats, and curtsey lunges which are some of my favorites! You can watch our full workout on my Youtube Channel below! Here are some of the moves! Let me know if you try them or tag me on Instagram or Facebook @colorblindblog or Twitter @shanaemily and show me your favorite! All you need is YOU and I brought a friend! Oh and how can I forget my new Leggings from the Sweatstore! I love them!

I will start a new series where we will feature videos of our Saturday booty workouts for now check out our latest one. You can skip to 16:13 for the workout! We started off with some of the below as a warm up. Make sure you are warmed up before you go lunging and squatting! 5 minutes of jogging or just lunging will get you there! Have fun!



Step 1 – Lunges with leg lift

First, do 20 lunges on each leg. Then begin to lift the the leg that is lunging and squeeze the glute, return to a lunge postition. And repeat. Really focus on the leg that is lunging forward and activate those glutes! Repeat this 10 reps on each leg. Go up a hill and you will feel the burn even more!


Step 2 – Side lunges

 Step to the side as you lunge. Push into your heel so that you are activating those glutes and sit into it as if you are sitting on a chair. Keep your chest up. Repeat this for 20 reps on each leg. Going up or even down a hill will change up the intensity, just remember to really focus on the leg that is lunging and squeeze that booty!


Step 3 – Jump Squat

I will sometimes add these in between each set I do of lunges just to keep that heart rate up! Going as deep into a squat as you can without compromising your form perform 20 jump squats for 3 sets.


Step 3 – Curtsey lunges

You will see this move done differently and we like to change it up every time. You will see in our workout video that we use a bar to really squat into a curtsey lunge or you can do what some people call skaters and jump from side to side. No matter how you do it really try to get that booty low to the ground. If you are a beginner do what Dawnya is doing above and focus on that lunging leg to activate your glutes. Perform this 10 times on each leg for 3 sets and you will feel the burn!


Step 4 – Tricep Push up & Dips

This last one isn’t a glute workout but it is something that is challenging for us. Try to incorporate the exercises that hard..the ones that you cringe at when you hear someone doing it…if you perform them each week…you will slowly get better and better. I could never do a tricep push up EVER. Now I can do 10 without fail. I hope to do 20 in the next 4 weeks. Perform as many of these exercises as you can!


Repeat these 4 steps as many times as you can for about an hour. Dawnya and I meet every Saturday for our outdoor Booty workout and so far we are loving the change! Check back for our new moves and let me know how you are doing!!!



Shana Dahan is a Personal Life, Style, & Fitness Blogger in Las Vegas Nevada. Competing in her 3rd NPC show with the 702Angels and Kim Oddo, Shana hopes to inspire women to go after their dreams no matter how scary the may seem, With over 18 years of classical ballet and a passion for fashion, Shana will be featured on the Sweatstore blog showcasing new eat clean recipes, workouts & fashion for your fitness needs! Check back each week for a new post!


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