The Case of the I don’t Wanna’s

The Case of the I don’t Wanna’s

Time to make a change in your workout!


Hi friends! My name is Shana and I am a las vegas native. I am an employee benefits broker for Orgill/Singer Insurance during the day, and when I am not helping clients I write a personal fashion, fitness, and style blog called Colorblindblog. I am addicted to all things vintage and love to dance. A little over 2 years ago I began training and lifting and fell in love. I competed in my first NPC Bikini competition, and I while I didn’t place, I knew that this was the life I wanted to live. There have been ups and downs and everything in between. I started a Youtube Channel where I take everyone along my fitness journey and I am so excited to share my love for fitness and fashion with all of you! The Sweatstore is one of my favorite places to get unique stylish and well, good quality workout clothes and accessories! I have grown to love the whole family that they have created here in Las Vegas! Thank you for coming along! I get so many questions every day and while I am not a trainer or a dietician I certainly can relate and share my experiences with you! Enjoy! If you have any questions you can email me at or you can find me on Instagram and facebook @colorblindblog and Twitter @shanaemily.


Here is a quick look into my personal journey!


So I know you all can relate to that moment when you realized you wanted to get fit and start getting active! You ran to your favorite fitness store, i.e. The SweatStore, You got brand new nikes that cost well over your budget, you woke up at 5am to run to the gym to do your cardio, you ate out of Tupperware and told everyone you were making a lifestyle choice not a diet. You stood your ground when you went out and on weekends and you were really starting to think that this was it. You were finally going to do this! You even started taking selfies of your new body and started to see some changes.

Then BAM.

You woke up one morning and the thought of eating one more spoonful of oatmeal made you want to gag…literally…you drank your coffee and decided that a quest bar sounded way better for breakfast. Eating chicken was making you nauseous and quite frankly you didn’t WANNA eat every 3 hours. WATER was starting to just make you mad and taking vitamins was the last thing on your list. You started saying you would do your cardio after work and slowly but surely the thought of going to the gym was making you ANGRY. What the heck happened? You were so on point! Haha WHY am I not motivated? What is going on! Well folks. That was me about 6 weeks ago.

Now I am here to tell you that this too shall pass. And luckily, from personal experience I can tell you a few pointers on how to get yourself out of the case of the I DON’T WANNA. Now before you start bullying yourself into getting back on “track” whatever that is…really think about why you are feeling like this. DO you need a break? Have you ever had a break? Are you allowing yourself to take one? OR do you need to change a few things up? I danced for over 18 years so being active is not something I am not used to but I will say..we all need a change…for our mind, our body, and to actually get out of this HOLE you are in!

I mean don’t get me wrong, when I first started prepping and training for my show I just had a bad attitude half way through. I was mean to myself and compared my body to EVERYONE… FYI. STOP that now…it will never help you EVER. BUT most of the time my problem is that I am just bored…bored of the same workout. It is no one’s fault is just human nature! Here are some clear cut signs that it is time for a change and some ideas to change things up from personal experience!


  1. You have reached a plateau: You are following the PLAN to a T. You are eating all your macros, getting all your cardio in and you are no longer seeing results, then that would make sense as to why you are angry! As much as we like to say we are doing this for our health and to live a better life, we also want to know that what we are doing is working right? So it is time to change your workout! I had a coach at the time so I recommend one always, they keep you in line and they can help you with nutrition, I spoke to my coach about changing my workout for the next 4 weeks to see what that would do. It wasn’t anything crazy, I started incorporating supersets when lifting, and also some plyos that kept my heart rate up. I would look up new exercises to try and that got me so excited to go to the gym. I also added two rest days in my split. I went to some new classes, took a yoga class and even started dancing again! I had forgotten how much doing the things I love makes me happy. Remember, your goal is to be healthy and fit…being miserable whilst doing it, I am sure is not on your TO DO list :O) I will tell you when I switched it up, I immediately started seeing a change…and more importantly I was motivated again! 


  1. You are not enjoying yourself. Well, that goes into what I was just talking about. Listen, I don’t LOVE all of my workouts, but I know that I do need to do some of them to create the body I desire. I know there are some out there that seem so excited to workout! And I am one of them…but chest day…yeah not a fan but I find ways to enjoy them… I am not a fan of the FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN mentality either when starting out. Don’t get me wrong you must fight for what you want but if you hate it well it just won’t last. When you don’t like doing something you will eventually stop. Haha so..instead of dreading it and hating it… make it something you look forward to by adding something to it that you like.


Just recently I began working glutes and plyos outside with one of my best friends. I couldn’t wait to see her and chat…and while I could barely talk during our three mile booty blaster I realized that this was something I could look forward to whilst getting my plyos in for the week. VOILA! Something I dreaded is now something I LOVE to do. And honestly in about 6 to 8 weeks we will probably have to change it up again… it is an ongoing cycle. I even started boxing..sorta… but it was a nice change up for sure!


So if you can address it you are going to succeed I promise! I remember trying to do bootcamps outside. I thought that THAT would get me in shape…until I realized that carrying a GIGANTIC boulder up a wet grassy hill was not my idea of a fun and not even close to what I want to do on a daily basis. DON’T do what you DON’T want to do. Especially if you are just starting out. We are doing this for the long haul…in case you are wondering I never did go back to that Bootcamp. Haha I think I would rather deadlift :O)


As a reminder, Your diet is so crucial to how you feel, so make sure to fuel your body and get enough water and SLEEP. I can go more into meal prep and what I do at another time. The minute I started eating clean, and really making the right choices, I noticed my workouts were incredible! I have always struggled with getting enough sleep..if you want to build muscle you gotta let them REST….you will reach your goals in no time! While there are a lot of factors I hope that this helps and gets you started to the best YOU , you can be. More to come to get us all looking fabulous for 2015! You got this!


On a side note…another way I get motivated in general is getting workout clothes that make me FEEL good and LOOK good. I am not saying you need to get all decked out for the gym…I mean to each his own what I am saying is …if you feel good and you are confident…your workout will be amazing…If a tank top that says LIFT on it doesn’t inspire you then find some awesome t shirts that do and cut them up! Hehe The SweatStore actually has some great ones and they are already cut for you! Find pants that fit you and complement your body, and something that you feel free to move in. Get a good workout and remember you must Re-inspire yourself every single day! Till next time,



Shana Emily