How to Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss

            If you were to make the decision to start your weight loss journey today, what would you say you need to change immediately in order to successfully achieve your goals? I’m sure one of the first things you’d tell yourself is to change your diet… eat less sugar, eat less carbs, eat more veggies and fruits, eliminate the soda and drink more water, and exercise? These are definitely all a great start to make a positive change towards your weight loss goal. All of these changes sound so easy at first until you get to the third or fourth day and find yourself derailing off of the path towards your goal because your coworkers are eating all the good junk food or because you had a birthday celebration to go to… or maybe you just didn’t have the time to prep your healthy meals. All of this can easily discourage you when you realize that you ruined your perfect diet. Then you begin to convince yourself that you’ll start all over “for real” next week. STOP. Now, is the time to make those changes that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll make. The more you continue to make excuses for yourself the more disappointed you’ll be so here is how you can put yourself in the right mindset and mentally prepare yourself for your weight loss journey.


  1. State your reasons. Having a successful weight loss journey starts with acknowledging and knowing why you want to lose weight. To boost your confidence? To look sexy in a bikini next summer? To become healthy? To fit in your old college jeans? Write these goals down if you have to and tape them up on your wall next to your bed. Make these goals a reality by reading them out every day. This will help you to start believing in yourself.
  2. Set realistic goals. Now that you’ve stated why you want to lose weight, make sure you are setting realistic goals so that you don’t become discouraged. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is the rule of thumb for a realistic weight loss journey and is also the healthiest. The more you weigh, the faster you’ll find yourself dropping the pounds.
  3. Plan out your Meals. At the beginning of each week you should be prepared to create a meal plan that you will dedicate yourself to. The great thing about meal prepping is that you just spend one day making meals for the rest of the week. Meats like chicken are a popular choice for protein and will last for several days once cooked. You can do all of your shopping and cooking at once without having to worry about it until the following week. This will help make you accountable for your nutritional intake.
  4. Log your meals, snacks, and exercise. This is another step in holding yourself accountable. Keeping track of your meals, snacks and exercise will help you stay on track.
  5. Reward yourself. Make a decision prior to starting your weight loss journey on how and when you will reward yourself. Succeeding is all about incentive. :) Maybe you want to reward yourself to a shopping spree or a pedicure when you drop your first 10 pounds. Whatever it is that will help you stay on track is what you should decide on!
  6. Believe in Yourself!!!!! You can do it!