Why You Should Detox Regularly

            Are you contemplating on doing a detox but you’re not sure how it can benefit you? Many people think that detoxing is only a quick solution to weight loss. Little do they know that it is so much more than that. Detoxing, when done safely, can cleanse your body, make you healthy and can provide you with numerous other positive results. Here is why you should start detoxing, and perform it regularly.


  1. Lose weight. This is the most obvious and well known reason. As you grow older and eat a diversity of processed foods, toxins begin to build up within your body and begins to affect your body’s ability to burn fat which ultimately leads you to gain weight. Detoxing will help your body flush out the buildup of toxin that is stored in your cells and it will also help you increase your metabolism.
  2. Prevent diseases. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are all linked to bodies that suffer from weight gain and inadequate processing of nutrients. On a more environmental note, there are toxins we are exposed to daily that may contribute to cancer, strokes, and other diseases. Although our bodies have a natural detox system that can handle these dangerous toxins, it won’t be able to perform at its highest potential if your body isn’t clean. Detoxing will help your body improve on doing what it already does so naturally.
  3. Slow Aging. This has become a popular subject especially among women. We all try to hang on to our youth for as long as we can. Although topical creams may help in slowing down premature aging, you can do so much more from within. Detoxing regularly will help you body get rid of heavy metals that are responsible for aging. Detoxing will help your body absorb more nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins which will help relieve your body of stress.
  4. Improve Skin Health. This goes hand in hand with slowing down premature aging; however, there is more to the skin than just aging. Detoxing regularly can help fight against acne and even reduce excess sebum (oil) production. It will also help strengthen your nails and hair.
  5. Increased Energy. Detoxing will increase your physical and mental energy. On long days this will also help you stay focused and motivated to work out.
  6. Improve Immune System. Weak immune systems are what causes us to become more prone to colds and the flu as well as other sicknesses that will affect your quality of life. Regular detoxing will help your body fight off infections and strength your immune system.


Detoxing is not just about losing weight. Weight loss is merely the positive affect of detoxing since your body’s balance is being restored. Overloading your body with toxins and unhealthy foods counters your body’s natural design and will affect your health. Because foods are losing more and more of their nutrient potency, it is becoming more important to detox so that your body’s potential can be boosted. It is the least we can do for our hard working bodies! :)




Erika Alexandra