Why sweating is sexy

            Sweat is not something that is widely embraced amongst the female community, which is unfortunate because, truthfully... breaking into a sweat is actually very sexy! I'm not talking about just any kind of sweat but more specifically the kind that causes you to glisten while you are working out! The thought of getting all sweaty may not be very flattering because you are probably concerned about sweat stains or makeup melting. Despite your thoughts, getting sweaty is sexy and absolutely necessary.

            Without sweat, your body won't be able to cool itself properly. As water vacates the body in the form of sweat and evaporates, it also takes along some heat which is how your body prevents itself from overheating. Sweat is not just water; it also contains a small percentage of urea which is a natural hydrator. So, not only does sweating while working out help you get fit, it also rehydrates your skin and improves texture. The common misconception people have about sweat is that it causes acne. This is far from the truth. In fact, sweat only contributes to break outs if you don’t wash your face or wear makeup while you workout. Sweating will dilate your pores and helps eliminate toxins such as bacteria, dead skin cells and other oils that may otherwise clog your pores. This is why many estheticians recommend steaming your face before beginning with any kind of treatment because it will help extract the bad stuff. Conclusively, think of workout sweat as a free facial that also help you stay in shape!

            Tabloids always hound on celebrities when they get caught leaving the gym in their workout clothes, all sweaty with red faces without any makeup on. So, it’s no wonder, we get embarrassed when we sweat after a workout. But, the sweatier you are after a workout, the harder you worked. And it is sexy because sweat shows everyone the fruits of your labors. In fact, you should be disappointed if you leave the gym without sweating because laziness is not the least bit attractive. Hard work is an honorable quality to have and you should take pride and show it off.

            Sweating means that you are putting effort into improving your health and physique. Who doesn't want to be hotter? Not only are you burning calories but you are also building self confidence and defining your body through muscle toning. These qualities are just flat out sexy. At the very least, if a guy sees that you have broken into a sweat, they'll probably want to know what your workout was. You'll look like a complete bad ass and it will definitely catch someone’s attention!

            If the visual aspect of sweat is not what concerns you, then you are probably worried about expressing body odor. Well then you should relax because workout sweat alone is not what causes you to produce BO. Think about it, if everyone was producing BO at the gym, it would be an unbearable place to be. It’s all in your head. BO is caused by stress. For example, you might notice some odor if you’re nervously/anxiously sweating. Another factor that contributes to body odor is your diet. Spicy foods including garlic and onions can be very offensive to your body and will most likely be carried out through your sweat which is what causes body odor. Try to stay away from caffeine and limit yourself to water or tea.


Bottom line: You look amazing when you sweat! Embrace it!


Erika Alexandra