Fitness myths you should stop believing in

            Losing weight and getting fit is not easy at all, especially if you’re just starting to change your lifestyle. Sometimes, we get so desperate that it becomes easy to believe the countless myths that are being passed on between new and becoming fitness/health enthusiasts. Believing in these myths can be counterproductive and can cause you to become discouraged during your weight loss process. In order to prevent you from falling down that path, here are some myths that you should stop believing in.


Myth #1: “As long as I exercise I can eat whatever I want”. This is the biggest misconception of them all and we can all admit we’ve believed in this one once in our lifetime. Though it is true that exercise burns calories, it is not enough to make up for eating junk food every day. Processed foods require more time than fresh foods, for your body to digest and can start to build up when you’re not burning enough calories.


Myth #2: “You can’t eat after 6pm if you want to lose weight”. This is a myth that is commonly practiced amongst many avid weight loss enthusiasts. This myth would make your nutritionist scream if they found out you were forbidding yourself to eat anything after 6pm. The fact is that most people don’t get home from work until after 5:30pm or 6pm and to not eat anything after a long day of work is just unhealthy and can cause you to binge eat later. Don’t be afraid to eat something after 6pm, just make sure to particular about WHAT it is that you eat after 6pm.


Myth #3: “Sit ups and crunches will get rid of belly fat”. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot targeting certain parts of your body for weight loss. Tummy fat is caused by a lack of cardio and weight lifting as well as eating unhealthy foods. The six pack abs you see on models or athletes are not just from doing sit ups and crunches all day. These professionals eat small portions every 3 hours and work out regularly.


Myth #4: “Weight lifting will make me bulky”. This is a common myth believed amongst women. Everyone’s body has a different response to weight lifting. However, women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to get incredibly bulky like men do. There is a special diet that requires you to become exceptionally bulky, as well as supplements depending on how bulky you want to become. Lifting weights is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and tone up. The more muscles you build, the more calories you will burn even after your workout session. It is said that you burn 40-50 more calories a day for every pound of muscle that you have. So, look at it this way… if you gain 5 pounds of muscle you will burn about 200-250 more calories a day.



Erika Alexandra

Instagram: @erika_alexandra