Do we really need Supplements .....Part 2

Branched Chain Amino Acids ( BCAAs)

So many people think of BCAAs as an automatic staple supplement in their training routine. It tops the list of "must haves" along with multi vitamins and protein powders, but do you really NEED them? Do you really need to spend money on a BCAA supplement?

According to Studies BCAAs are very beneficial and can promote muscle growth OVER TIME and it is important to consume on a daily basis .Does that mean you should run out and buy the fanciest bottle??? From what I have gathered Supplementation is unnecessary if you are consuming enough protein in your diet.  You can find these amino acids in any protein food source ( meat, eggs etc). If you do not get enough protein, or a “newbie" to training it may be more beneficial for you.  However the majority of the studies have not confirmed that this sport supplement can enhance performance in a trained individual. Information suggests that this supplement can in fact help with recovery and immunity but more so in the novice trainer. Does it hurt to take? absolutely not . Is it crucial to take? Not at all, especially if you are eating a high protein diet and are not a newbie.

When would I suggest using them? During a fast, if you do fasted cardio but want something in your stomach, and if you have not trained in a while and are getting back into it.

So if you are consuming enough proteins (1-1.5g/kg a day or more) I really would not stress the BCAAs supplementation.



Chantel Alessio