What’s New: Ciclotte Stationary Bike

            Some of us don’t like to turn our precious home space into a workout room. Machines like the treadmill, stair master, and even free weights are so bulky and/or take up too much space in a room. The new Ciclotte stationary exercise bike is designed by Luca Schieppati, and is said to be the “innovative new exercise bike”. According to Luca, the concept of the Ciclotte was born “out of the need to create a product that is an expression of contemporary life; where work and relaxation,exercise and fun inhabit the same dimensions within fluid spaces in which all objects can interact with one another.” There is an exciting new factor about this $10,000 bike that sets it above older stationary bike models.

            The Ciclotte looks more like a unicycle rather than a bicycle and is much smaller than the older and bulkier models so it can easily be moved around throughout the house as you see fit without drawing much attention. It also has a wireless design which makes this machine very practical when you don’t have a power outlet near you. The Ciclotte is made in several different colors and offers an iPad and iPhone holder that is built into the handlebar if you choose to have that option. This stationary unicycle allows you to adjust the saddle vertically and horizontally and to choose between 12 program settings. In addition, you can adjust the handlebars up and down to favor your riding position according to your body. The Ciclotte is, in simpler terms, a big magnetic wheel that provides real life resistance that can help you build muscle. Its’ simple design mimics your position on a road bike.    

            Stationary bikes, such as the Ciclotte, have countless benefits. Many aerobic activities can be hard on your joints, especially jogging on pavement. Stationary bikes enable you to get your heart racing without putting stress on your joints. This is especially true to those who are significantly overweight as it can reduce significant stress on your back, hips, and knees.

            Exercising on a stationary bike also counts as cardio. You no longer have to run through the park in 100 degree or below freezing weather, which isn’t good for your heart anyways. Cardio should be performed in around room temperature so that you don’t dehydrate yourself or overheat your body. Riding a stationary bike can help your heart become more efficient at pumping blood and isn’t as rigorous as running. Since the Ciclotte is so similar to riding on a real road bike, you can maximize your results with this unicycle more than any other stationary bike on the market.

            Purchasing a stationary bike can make you feel more inclined to exercise often since it is conveniently placed in your house. You can catch up on your tv shows while you exercise and it will make time fly so much faster when you are multitasking. Before you know it, you will find yourself on the bike working out for an hour.


Erika Alexandra