Recharge your workout with these rut-ridding tips from Jaimie Lynn.

Fitness Tips from our gorgeous Brand Ambassador, Jaimie Lynn.

            Regardless of what we do in life, we all have moments where we lack motivation. Workouts can start to become dull and boring when you continue to do the same routine every day for weeks. In addition, working out in the same routing every day for long periods of time can slow down or even hinder your weight loss progress. In order to keep yourself motivated and excited, here are a few tips to recharge your workouts.


  1. Change up your workout - As you begin to lose weight and become smaller in size, your metabolism also changes to accommodate your transforming body. In order to continue to maximize the fat shredding, its important to change your workout routine so that your body can continue to respond progressively. Our bodies get used to doing the same workouts so you have change up your routine so we don't adapt. You train to improve your body so switch it up! You can also turn up the intensity of your workout or increase the length of your workout session.


  1. Make a new playlist - Our bodies can get bored of the same workouts same goes for music try adding new music to your playlist to amp up your workouts. If you don't feel like buying new music, give Pandora or iTunes Radio a try. They have “workout” channels that will keep you upbeat with your heart racing!


  1. Buy new workout apparel - Who doesn't want to show off new clothes! Buying new workout clothes gives you a reason to go to the gym and break in your new digs. offers a huge variety of workout clothing styles and designs. Whether you want a matching top and bottom outfit or two separates, they’ve got it all: from solids, to graphic prints, floral prints, Amazonian prints, and mesh. For high intensity workouts, I’d recommend getting some comfortable and stretchy, moisture wicking workout clothing. For bottoms, try the Mantra Crop pants by Glyder. It offers a four way stretch fabric, which will help mold your body during your workouts! Add a bright sports bra (like the Zip Em Up Bra in Luxe Electric Coral) underneath a lose low cut shirt (like the Elastic Back Tank) for a splash of color.


  1. Take a class - If you are bored of your gym routine and are lacking determination, try joining a class. Take part in a zumba, pilates, yoga, or even kickboxing class. Not only will this keep your workouts exciting, but it will also keep your body, metabolism, and weight loss process from plateauing. Trying new workouts are always good for your body and taking new classes not only changes up your routine but it helps keep you accountable!! You can also try asking a friend or two to join you so it can be something you look forward to! You can catch up on your social life and still continue to lose weight while you’re losing weight.