Trend Spotlight: Shredz

If you’re active on social media, you have probably noticed how Shredz is the talk amongst many fitness accounts and body sculptors. Shredz has capitalized on social media to reach its users and develop their brand to become as big as they are today. Shredz has also been seen in Sports Illustrated, CBS, ABC, Business Insider and many other news broadcasters. With the phrase #shredzarmy used amongst many of their consumers sponsors; Shredz has definitely built one heck of an empire specifically on instagram.

            The great advantage about Shredz having a large platform on instagram is that is so easy to connect with other athletes or fitness enthusiasts by searching through hashtags such as #shredz or #shredzarmy. The current boom lies within the before and after pictures of those that have been successful at obtaining their fitness goals with Shredz supplements or are still working on their goals and are using instagram as a way to showcase their progress.

            The official Shredz instagram page is flooded with pictures of male and female athletes that use Shredz, which serves as a great marketing tool and also provides great inspiration for those that are browsing through. As well as athletic inspiration, their page educates viewers with tips and tricks on how to lose weight and improve your figure. Shredz also posts many consumer progress pictures which makes the supplements look much more user friendly and obtainable to the common person who is just getting started into fitness. This has helped Shredz build a tightly knit community of people with common goals.

            Shredz offers a variety of supplements that are formulated specifically for women as well as men. The most popular package is the Alpha Stack. For women this includes a fat burner, toner and detox. The combination of all of these supplements maximizes your ability to achieve your dream body sooner and more efficiently. Of course a supplement plan should be coupled with a consistent workout routine and healthy diet, which many of the sponsored Shredz athletes share with their followers.

            As if this isn’t enough to offer their consumers, Shredz also frequently hosts contests that encourage people to start their transformation and continue to work on their progress. Prizes usually consist of sizable cash amounts and a generous supply of supplements. Not only does this motivate people and give them a purpose towards their goal, but it calls for more and more people to engage within the fitness community and give each other a sense of competition and accomplishment. What better way to make friends and uplift each other on such a sensitive and personal subject: weight loss.

            It’s the little things like these that make a company stand out. When a company is heavily involved in the community, it makes a difference to consumers and creates a relationship. Shredz is no longer just a dietary supplement brand, it has now become a movement within the fitness world and they are making a powerful statement.