An Easy way to Track your Fitness


If you’re one of those people that like to hit the Black Friday sales, we have two words for you: “fitness tracker.”

“Think of them as the new tablets,” claims Valentina Palladino, who writes for Tom’s Guide. Word is -- fitness trackers will be the “must have” gift this holiday season.

Wearable fitness trackers are manufactured by everyone from Microsoft and Garmin to Fitbit and Jawbone. Depending on which one you buy, it will track your steps, distance, how many calories you’ve burned and even your sleep.

You want to know how much, right? Unfortunately, prices are all over the place right now and, naturally, the more things it does, the more the fitness tracker will cost. For the basics, such as one from Up Move, you’ll pay around $50, give or take $20, depending on where you live.

The best fitness trackers will run you over $150. Basis makes a great one. It:

  • Tracks your heart rate, at your wrist, 24/7.
  • Tracks your resting heart rate while you sleep and it analyzes your deep sleep and REM.
  • Analyzes various fitness activities such as running, walking and biking and how many calories you’ve burned.
  • Allows you to sync the tracker with iOS and Android phones (right now only “selected” phones) as well as with your Mac or PC.

Finally, the tracker is water resistant so you can even track swimming . . . or showering if that’s more your speed. Right now it retails for just under $150 but look for that price to rise the closer we get to the holidays.

Palladino warns that the wearable fitness trackers differ from smartwatches and that it’s important to understand the differences between the two, the main one being that smartwatches are far more expensive.

When shopping for a fitness tracker ensure that the data it provides is something you’ll need and that you will use. One of the most useful features, at least to us, is one that not only tells you what you’ve done today but how you can improve on that tomorrow.

Yes, The Sweat Store will be carrying fitness trackers in time for the holidays. Call us first to make sure we have them in stock.