Swelter Free Workouts

Swelter-free workouts
Sure, we advocate looking good while you sweat, but what if you’re among those who can’t stand the thought of anything dripping down their bodies except shower water (or, maybe Mark Wahlberg in his Calvins)? There are plenty of ways to stay fit here in Las Vegas that don’t require you to embrace the heat. And, they’re ideal for our long, scorching-hot Vegas summers.
In case you haven’t guessed, Poolates is Pilates in the pool and it may just be more effective at toning and shaping than standard Pilates. It’s the resistance that the water provides that forces you to work the muscles harder, all the while remaining cool.
"You engage all your major muscles to stay balanced, so each move works your entire body, not just the part you're targeting,” Rebecca Pfeiffer, M.P.H., and Poolates creator, tells Women’s Health’s Paige Greenfield.
While there are plenty of videos and other helpful tips online that show you how to DIY your Poolates routine, the spa at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas offers a Poolates class. Learn more at trumphotelcollection.com (scroll down to the list of fitness classes). And, don’t forget to shop for something to wear to Poolates.
Aqua Zumba
Love the thought of working out in the water but Zumba is more your style? The Las Vegas Athletic Club location right across the parking lot from The Sweat Store (Flamingo and the 215) offers Aqua Zumba classes (they’re also offer them at the Sahara location, 8125 W Sahara Ave.)
Like Poolates, Zumba in the pool uses the water’s resistance to help tone your muscles. It’s high-energy but low-impact. Most of all, you won’t sweat!
By the way, any of our cute bras paired with shorts would be ideal to wear to an Aqua Zumba class.
Ice skating
Take those mad skating skills to the rink and burn off the same number of calories as you would if you were pounding the scorching hot Las Vegas pavement. In fact, depending on how much you weigh, you can burn 250 to 670 calories ice skating for 30 minutes – the same as jogging. Even better is that it’s a no-sweat calorie burn.
Unexpected benefits of ice skating include increasing flexibility (take that one to yoga class!), improving cardiovascular health, beefing up your endurance and your legs will thank you for their stronger joints and toned muscles.
Las Vegas Ice Center (9295 W. Flamingo Rd.) is open for public skating seven days a week; check out the schedule online at lasvegasice.com. The center also offers lessons and you can learn more about those, here.

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