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Our #FAV yoga inspired Youtube Channels

Posted on 11 October 2017

Our 5 Favorite Yoga YouTube Channels
Lucky you if you can hit the yoga studio daily. Most of us, however, have to squeeze in our practice between work, hubbies and kids. Then, there’s the financial aspect of practicing yoga.
Online, however, you can yoga on your own schedule and, best of all, for free. Which lead to our decision to feature our five favorite yoga YouTube channels. Each has something different to offer.
With more than 2.6 million subscribers, Yoga with Adriene is by far one of the most popular yogis on YouTube. In fact, she has nearly nine times the subscribers that yoga guru Tara Stiles boasts.
We think it’s because of her easy-going nature and the fact that even the newest yogis can feel relaxed. Speaking of which, if you’re new to yoga, start with Adriene’s 31 days of Yoga videos. You can find those, here.
PsycheTruth’s more than 2 million subscribers are treated to more than just yoga. The channel features tips on wellness, nutrition, weight loss, psychology and more.
We like the videos that include yoga poses for various types of pain (shoulder, back, etc.) and the butt yoga video is brilliant.
You’ll also find a link to her .tv site with 30 videos: “30 Days of Yoga.” Check it out, here.
Leslie Fightmaster is the yogi behind Fightmaster Yoga. She, too, offers a 30-day program (hatha yoga) that you can find here. But, we also like the 1-Hour Yoga Workout for Flexibility and Strength and the Yoga for Beginners, 30-Day Challenge.
With more than 332,000 subscribers, Fightmaster Yoga is worth a look.
What can we say about Tara Stiles that hasn’t already been said? Wildly popular, we are a bit surprised that her YouTube subscriber base (a smidge more than 300,000) isn’t larger.
She’s known as the “Yoga Rebel,” at least by the New York Times, for her aim to make you look sexy with yoga instead of spiritual.
Her videos offer yoga for before bedtime, yoga for bedtime and yoga for before you even get out of bed in the morning. If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, watch her style-setter video, shot on the grounds of the gorgeous W Hotel there.
We (and more than 100,000 other fans) like the 4-week series on Yoga for Weight Loss. You can view that one, here.
As a writer, anyone who comes up with the perfect title for her yoga book, deserves a mention in our favorite yoga YouTube channels. Candace’s book, “Namaslay,” contains more than 100 yoga poses, but her description of its contents is even better – see it here.
Her instructional videos contain these brilliant diagrams (see one here or on her website, here) that helps you better visualize how to do the poses without having to back-up the videos repeatedly to make sure you’re getting them right.
Candace has more than 172,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

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