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What motivates you?

Posted on 25 March 2013

 Looking Good While you Sweat


People that work out regularly earn 9 percent more than those that don’t, according to a Cleveland State University study. In fact, if you work out more than three times a week, it’s likely you earn an average of $80 more a week than your co-workers who tend to sit around more than move around.


Now, what will you do with all that extra cash? Here’s something to consider: according to another study – this one in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology -- dressing appropriately for a given task increases confidence and even helps us perform better.


Since shopping is also good for the spirit – think retail therapy here – a new outfit to keep you motivated, increase your confidence and lift your spirits is in order.


You know that ratty, baggy t-shirt you wear to yoga? Yeah, the one that shows the entire class your lady lumps when you’re in downward-facing dog? Replace it with a sweat-wicking sports bra and dump the running shorts your hubby handed down to you for a sexy pair of high-waist vintage-inspired yoga shorts. The right workout gear really does make a huge difference.


If the idea of new workout gear doesn’t motivate you to get off your bum and hit the gym or studio, come on down to The Sweat Store and we’ll help you choose the perfect outfit to get you motivated to SWEAT!


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