Reasons You Should Go Organic

            In a world that is manufacturing more and more processed foods and filling up with pollution, it’s become harder to get adequate nutrition from food anymore. For these reasons and many more, organic foods are becoming the more appealing option for those that are health conscious despite their expense. Choosing to eat organically grown food is a preferable choice for your own health as well as the planets. Here are some reasons why you should choose organic foods:


  1. No Chemicals - Organic good is the only way to go in order to avoid harsh chemicals such as pesticide residue, preservatives, fillers, and artificial additives that are typical with commercially grown food. Commercially grown produce and meats try to compete with each other by adding fillers and artificial additives (such as color and sweetener) so that they can increase the size of their produce while attempting to retain as much flavor as possible and sell them for very cheap. There are hundreds of chemicals that are used within the commercial agricultural world and are bound to have health consequences over time. Every year on average, people consume 16 pounds of chemicals and pesticides through commercial products. Studies show that more than 90% of pesticides that Americans consume are found in the tissue of meat and dairy products. This is because they are the high on the food chain consuming the toxins from other animals and foods they eat. Unfortunately all of these chemicals are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency without much regard for long term exposure effects. Regardless, it is always important to wash and scrub (if possible) your fruits and vegetables.
  2. Better Nutrition - Organic foods have more nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes) because they are grown in nutrient rich soil that are managed by better standards than those that are commercially grown. Conventional farming over processes, uses synthetic fertilization and prematurely picks the produce which results in minimal nutrition.
  3. Tastier - Organic foods taste better because they are more nutritious. This is especially noticeable in tomatoes and chicken. Try cooking organic chicken in one pan and commercially grown chicken in another… you will notice that the organic chicken produces much more juice as it cooks through. The commercial chicken on the other hand seems to be dry and requires much more oil to give it the juicy-ness you want.
  4. No Genetic Modification - This one also goes hand in hand with better nutrition. Genetic engineering is contaminating and corrupting our food. Moreover, genetically modified food has not been thoroughly tested for their long term effects on our health. Europe has actually banned growth hormone supplementation in farming because it is a major concern. Consumption of meat that have been injected with growth hormones cause humans to experience an early onset of puberty, contributes to the growth of tumors, cancers and other genetic problems. Don’t buy into foods that are being modified beyond our understanding. It is especially important for children, expecting mothers as well as nursing mothers to choose organic so that they don’t pass down any toxins.
  5. Better for our Planet - Buying organic foods will help preserve the health of our ecosystem (or what’s left of it) and nourish it in the long term. This is because organic farming will help reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that are used which will directly promote conservation of our environmental and water resources. Increasing organic farms will also help increase the amount of habitats for animals as well as make them more prosperous which will help re-establish balance in our environment and ecosystem that has been thrown off after decades of commercial farming. Over the decades pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural chemicals have been contaminating our water supply and destroying the land.
  6. Respect the Wellbeing of Animals - Conventional farming is overly concerned with mass production and therefore don’t care about the living conditions and well being of livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens. Organic farming practices are much more humane and allow animals to live in natural environments that are cage free and outdoor access, unlike conventional farming where the animals literally live on top of each other in unimaginably confined spaces. This is why the conventional livestock become so stress and don’t grow as healthy as the organic alternative and causes farmers to implement genetic mutations, chemicals and other artificial additives. It only makes sense; a healthier animal makes for a healthier you!
  7. Healthier Working Environments for Farmers - You would never guess that farming is second to mining on the list of most hazardous jobs. Being exposed to toxic pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals poses a risk to the farmers and their neighboring communities. Organic farmers, on the other hand, do not use these harsh chemicals and therefore don’t have to worry about the risks.
  8. Keep our future safe - When you continue to purchase organic farming produce instead of commercial farming produce, you are supporting and encouraging farmers to produce more organic foods. An increased demand in organic foods will also contribute to price reduction of organic foods, making it affordable to more people. This will also prevent conventional farmers from getting away with hazardous farming practices.


Out actions today, whether good or bad, has a “trickle down” effect on future generations both directly and indirectly, whether you choose to consume organic or non-organic foods. Spread the word and encourage people around you to choose organic as well.



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