Reasons Why You Should Give Up Sugar

            While growing up, my mother always made sure that sugar was a treat and not a daily indulgence. That included, cereal like Frosted Flakes, candy, cake, pastries, sodas, you name it.  I was fortunate that my mother was a responsible parent that taught me the healthy good and bad from an early age. Unfortunately, manufacturers today are pumping more and more sugar into foods, even ones they claim to be “healthy”. This is why it’s no surprise that 13 percent of an average American’s daily calorie intake is from added sugars. This has dire effects and, hopefully, these reasons as to why you should give up sugar will help you monitor your intake in the future.


1. This is no secret to anyone, but sugar will cause you to gain weight. Eating sugar is a deathly cycle because it makes you want more and more. Foods with high sugar content are usually processed foods that contain other chemicals that are even worse than sugar. Start replacing soda with water and you will notice that you are gradually losing weight. Replace sugar with natural products such as honey or agave syrup. There are many healthier natural alternatives so don’t resort to sugar just because you think one teaspoon here and there won’t make a difference… it does.

2. You will have healthier skin. If you have acne issues then this is a great reason for you to give up sugar. Cleansers and topical creams won’t treat acne if you have a horrible diet. There are several foods that have a direct cause to acne and sugar is one of them. You may realize that cutting out sugar is easier than you think. it may take 2-3 weeks to stop craving it but once you get past the sugar withdrawal stage, you’ll realize you don’t need it at all and your skin will clear up significantly.

3. High sugar intake will affect your organs. Eating too much sugar can disrupt your kidney function. This can cause you to have a kidney stone which is very painful process that in worse cases will require a doctor’s assistance to pass. An affect on your kidneys can also cause a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is the lesser of the two evils, but still very painful. In addition to disrupting your kidney function, sugar can also destroy your liver. High fructose in foods such as juices, sodas, and syrups causes your liver to work harder than necessary in order to process theses unnatural ingredients. This can cause you to become fatigued and have high blood pressure. Lastly, too much sugar can cause you to get diabetes which is a life changer.

4. Cutting out sugar will give you more energy. Contrary to beliefs, energy drinks won’t boost your energy levels. You may experience a short sugar rush; however, the affects of a sugar crash will cause you to be more tired than to start with. By avoiding sugar loaded energy drinks and foods you will notice that your energy levels go up.


    As mentioned earlier, cutting out sugar may be difficult the first couple weeks, but once you’ve past the difficult stage you will realize your cravings for sugar are gone.


    Erika Alexandra


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