3 Yummy Salad Recipes

            The hotter our summer gets, the less inclined we feel to stand in the kitchen and cook. Not only do we become lazy, but most of us tend to lose a portion of our appetite as the temperature increases. This, however, does not mean that you should deprive yourself of a delicious meal. Salads are a quick and easy entree that you can prepare for yourself on a hot summer night.


Mozzarella-Basil Tomato: This is probably one of the most refreshing and fulfilling salads. All you need is:


            Tomato (Red and/or Yellow)

            Basil Leaves

            Olive Oil

            Balsamic Vinegar

            Salt and Pepper

Make sure your tomatoes and mozzarella are chilled in the fridge for several hours before slicing them into edible pieces. Wash the basil leaves and dry them with a paper towel. You can keep the leaves whole or chop them as you wish. Add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar followed by 0.5-1 tablespoon of olive oil (You can skip the olive oil if you want). Lastly, add salt and pepper to taste. This salad is delicious as is but if you want to give it an extra “oomph”, add some orange slices to give it a bit of zest.


Cucumber Salad: Not all salads have to contain lettuce. This cucumber salad is very light and refreshing. All you need is:


            Red Onion

            Feta Cheese

            Kalamata Olives

            Olive oil


            Salt & Pepper

Dice the cucumber into cubes. Chop the red onion into small pieces. Mix the cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, Kalamata olives into a bowl. Then add a little bit of olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice to give your salad some extra moisture. Add salt and pepper to taste and make sure to chill the salad before eating.


Arugula Pear Salad: For those of you that want a more “leafy” salad, you will enjoy this. You will need:


            Blue Cheese



            Red Onion

            Brown Sugar

            Dried Cranberries

Wash the Arugula and dry with paper towels or a salad spinner. Cut the pear into edible slices and chop the red onions into tiny bits. Put some Balsamic Vinaigrette in a small mixing bowl and add a couple pinches of brown sugar. Make sure to mix thoroughly. When ready, pour all ingredients into a bowl and make sure to mix everything together. If you want to add a nice touch, add a bit of dried cranberries.



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