Why you shouldmostly drink water

            As a child, I was never allowed to drink any juices or carbonated drinks… and I was excited to get anything other than water when we dined out. I never thought much of it back then but as I’ve grown older and more aware of my health and what I consume, I appreciate the healthy upbringing that my mom enforced upon me and would encourage everybody to drink only water, because really that’s all your body needs. Soda and juices are loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories that do nothing for your health except affect it negatively, whether it’s contributing to the onset of diabetes, high blood pressure, or even cancer.

            Water is the only drink that your body can efficiently use 100% of to hydrate your body. Every time that you drink soda/juice over water, you dehydrate your body of proper nutrition. You may notice that you can’t quench your thirst properly with soda and juice, which just becomes a deathly cycle of going back for more soda/juice in order to satisfy your thirst. This leads to inevitable weight gain.

            Your body needs water to flush out waste and to help your digestive system function properly. Water will help relieve your kidneys and liver from being overburdened while also preventing you from becoming constipated. When your body becomes deprived of water, your colon extracts fluids from your stool which causes you to become constipated. Waste is not only flushed out in the form of urine and feces but also through sweat. Therefore, water is essential to flush out waste otherwise it will collect in your body and cause health issues.

            When your body is able to produce regular bowel movements, it means you also have a cleaner colon compared to someone who doesn’t drink enough water or drinks more soda than water. Having a healthy and regular bowel movement means that your body is routinely getting rid of the toxins in your body. This allows your body to properly circulate nutrients throughout your body efficiently and thoroughly. When you are dehydrated, your body can’t transport nutrients very well, which means all the protein, fruits, and veggies are being used to their maximum potential.

            Not only should you drink water for health reasons, but also to maintain your outer beauty. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, and therefore requires the appropriate maintenance. Drinking lots of water consistently throughout the day can improve the texture of your skin as well as reduce acne breakouts. Drinking soda on the other hand can dehydrate your skin as well as cause more breakouts which, as we all know, it’s very frustrating.

            All of these are important reasons as to why you should drink ONLY water. But for some people that isn’t enough to wean themselves off of soda and sugar loaded juices. So think of it this way, all of the aforementioned benefits also lead to natural and healthy weight loss. For those of you that want to lose 5-10 pounds… you can achieve that by cutting soda out of your life. Not only will you feel more healthy, energized, and refreshed but you will also realize that you really don’t need anything but water.



Erika Alexandra

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