3 Acai Bowl Recipes You HAVE To Try

            The Acai berry is a superfruit that is rich with antioxidants. It has been known to help with weight loss, improve skin condition, has anti-aging effects and many other health benefits. Not only is Acai berry very healthy, it also tastes great! Acai berry is often sold as a juice in most stores within the US. Unfortunately, Acai berries are grown in the tropics of south America and since they are highly perishable, they are not sold fresh within the US. Instead, they are available in powder form or as flash-frozen goods which helps them retain most of its nutritional value. This makes for a great ingredient in breakfast or snack bowls. Here are 3 Acai bowl recipes you should try!


Acai Smoothie Bowl:

This nutritious bowl is perfect for any time of the day and incredibly rewarding during the summer time! Here’s what you’ll need:

            2 cups of Acai berry puree (frozen)

            1/4 cup of water

            1 banana

Blend all of these ingredients together until you get a thick consistency. Pour into a bowl. You can add some granola and sliced bananas on your Acai bowl if you’d like to add more substance. If you want to take this Acai bowl as a smoothie, add a bit more water to the blend so that it’s just enough to sip through a straw.


Acai & Berries Bowl:

This berry-licious bowl packed with berries is so refreshing and easy to make. You will need:

            1 Banana

            4-5 strawberries

            8-10 blueberries

            1/2 tablespoon Acai powder

            1/2 cup almond milk (skim milk works too)

            2-3 ice cubes

            1 spoon almond butter

            1 spoon of greek yogurt

Blend all ingredients and then pour into a bowl. For more flavor you can add honey, coconut flakes, granola, nuts, or other berries of your choosing.


Acai Chia Bowl

Why stop at Acai berries when you can add chia seeds too? This will help you stay full for a longer period of time. Here’s how to make an Acai Chia Bowl:

            4 tablespoons Acai powder

            6 strawberries

            12-13 raspberries

            1 cup almond milk

            1/2 cup kale

            1 tsp honey

Blend all ingredients together for a thick consistency. If it is too thick, add a bit more almond milk. If you’d like to add toppings, add bananas, natural peanut butter, or almonds.


If you’re in a pinch and don’t have fresh fruit stocked up in your fridge, frozen fruits work just as well!


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