Three easy summer drink recipes to help you stay cool. Great for the pool.

When it’s scorching hot outside, you want to drink something cool in order to keep up with the heat. One could always go with ice water, but that’s not too fun when you’re laying around the pool or your gorgeous backyard. Why not go for something a little more refreshing?  Here are a few drink recipes that will help you keep your cool, perfect for the pool!


Mint Iced Tea: Mint has a naturally cooling effect which will help you feel refreshed while you’re spending several hours under the sun. This recipe is completely natural and is very low in calories! On top of keeping you hydrated in the summer, this tea like many other natural herbal teas, will help your body optimize food digestion and reduces bloating. This recipe calls for only a few ingredients:


            2-3 mint tea bags

            8-10 mint leaves

            17-20oz of water

            1 lemon

            Sweetener of choice.


Brew the mint tea in boiling water and once you’ve acquired the desired minty strength, let it cool down in the fridge for a couple hours. If you don’t have a couple hours to kill, then just get some ice to speed up the cool time, since you’ll most likely be serving this tea “on the rocks” anyways. Once you’re ready to serve, squeeze as much lemon juice as you want to add a refreshing zest. Then, crush up some mint leaves and add it to your tea. If you need some sweetness, then add some honey to your drink. It’s healthy and all natural. Enjoy!


Frozen Lemonade: Lemon, similar to mint, has a naturally refreshing effect thanks to its zest and acidity. Lemon combined with ice is the ultimate heat buster. For this recipe you will need:


            4 lemons

            1 orange

            1/2 cup sugar or sugar alternative


First, you will need to juice the lemons and oranges and mix them. Then pour it in a blender

along with the sugar. If you don’t think you will need 1/2 a cup you can always add more later so put in a little bit to begin with. Then add about 4-5 cups of ice, depending on how strong you want your lemonade to be. Blend all of the ingredients until you’ve got a smoothie consistency. If you need to add more sweetness, add more sugar or use honey instead. Voila!


Acai Zest: This is the perfect combination of not-too-sweet and tart. Acai berries are a well known super fruit that can help you lose healthy weight. I also helps the condition of your skin while giving you anti-aging effects. All you need to make this miracle drink is:


           6 ounces of acai juice (you can find this frozen at any Whole Foods or Fresh and Easy.)

           Ice cubes

           Fresh lemon or lime

           3 ounces of seltzer

            Drizzle of honey


Pour the (defrosted) acai juice and seltzer into a glass filled with ice. Squeeze lemon or lime juice depending on your acidity preference to top the drink off. You most likely will not be needing to add any sugar to this drink because the Acai juice already has a natural sweetness to it but if you prefer it a bit sweeter, drizzle some honey on top.


            Just because you’re on a health streak does not mean you are bound to ice water for the rest of the summer. These drinks are all low calorie and healthy so give them a go!


Erika Alexandra


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