Ditch the Bad Habits

You may have noticed that you have gained some weight but don’t know exactly why? Sometimes we do something called mindless eating, which can be caused by many things. You eat just because we’re bored or maybe you just don’t think twice about what you’re eating, or worse… how much you’re eating. For example, when you veg out in front of the TV after work or on the weekends, you are very likely to wander into the kitchen to find something to munch on while you’re watching TV. Many people like to snack on popcorn or chips, which is fine on occasion, but when you do decide to indulge in these unhealthier snacks, make sure to portion size. Don’t bring the entire bag of chips with you… instead get a small plate/bowl and put a handful in there. That way you can monitor how much you’re eating, as opposed to surprising yourself when you realize you’ve reached the bottom of the bag. For healthier alternatives, snack on some fruits or veggies. Celery makes for a great crunchy movie snack. Add some hummus to it and you’ve got your perfect dip! If you need something a little sweeter, you can never go wrong with a greek yogurt fruit parfait.

            Sometimes portion sizing isn’t enough when you’re a constant snacker. Portion sizing on junk food only works if you’re the occasional junk food eater. If you find yourself snacking on junk all the time, you may want to consider making a bigger change. Instead of eating things like chips, cookies, and crackers, start eating healthy snacks like carrots, cucumbers, nuts and fruits. But make sure not to overeat on these healthy snacks either. Eating an entire 2 pound bag of almonds won’t help you keep off the weight any more than a bag of chips will. Be a smart eater!

            If mindless eating isn’t your problem, then it’s most likely your work life that is causing you to gain weight. It’s easy to grab fast food when you’re under a time crunch but it’s those “quick bites” that will cause you gain the most weight. Instead bring a salad for lunch. This is more efficient all around: think about it, it will save you gas and more time to eat during your lunch break while still being healthy. For protein just add some grilled chicken or tofu but make sure to keep your salad dressing light, like balsamic vinaigrette.

            Many houses tend to have a bowl of sweets in the middle of the kitchen counter. You don’t need to be tempted to eat any more sugar than you already do, so replace this bowl of “chocolate sin” with bananas, apples, and tangerines. If your’e craving something sweet after meals, reach for a bowl of fruits instead of chocolate.

            Sometimes, snacking isn’t the problem. Maybe you need a little reminder or a push to get yourself to the gym in the morning. It’s not doubt that most of us spend our time on the computer, watching TV, or scrolling through social media on our phone. Especially on instagram, all of us like to follow inspirational accounts. So, apply this theory to real life. Find a picture or something, whether it’s a model, or an old bikini you can’t fit into anymore and put that on your bed side. This will remind your every night before you go to bed that you have a goal to reach. This will remind you in the morning when your alarm clock rings at the break of dawn, that you need to get out of bed and get into the gym.

            There is a way to break every bad habit, so just get creative!


Erika Alexandra


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