Alcoholic Beverage Alternatives for the Healthy Living

Whether you’re working hard to lose weight or are working hard to maintain your healthy figure, you most likely want to reward yourself on occasion. Surely enough, alcohol seems like a harmless “reward” especially on the weekends or during happy hour. Unfortunately, there is more to weight loss than watching what you eat. Beverages, whether its soda, sweet tea, sugar loaded smoothies, and even alcohol can also affect the healthy progress you are making to lose weight or to maintain your weight. Here are some alcoholic beverage alternatives you can try, without derailing your health streak.


  1. Alcohol-free Sangria. Sangria is so fruity and refreshing, especially during the summer. Who says it needs alcohol to taste good? There are many different ways you can make Sangria by changing the combination of fruit you use. I like the refreshing combination of sweet and citrusy, so here is a list of ingredients to my favorite non-alcoholic Sangria.

            - 2 cups of hot water

            - 2 sugar free black tea bags

            - 3 cups of cranberry juice

            - 1 cup of orange juice

            - 1 lemon, sliced

            - 1 lime, sliced 

            - 1 green apple, sliced (make sure to cut around the seeds)

            - carbonated water

            - cinnamon to taste     

            - pinch of cayenne pepper to taste

First you must boil your water to infuse the tea bags. Once your tea has been made you can combine all the other ingredients, except for the carbonated water. Refrigerate your fruity concoction to cool it and when you’re ready to serve, add the carbonated water to your liking.


  1. Virgin Lite Pina Colada. Pina Colada is a very fruity beverage and will satisfy those of you who are craving something a little “heavier” than fruity water. Here’s a nonalcoholic lower- calorie version of the original Pina Colada.

            - two ripe bananas

            - 1 cup of diced FRESH pineapple

            - 1 cup of pineapple juice

            - 1/2 cup of coconut milk

            - ice


In a blender mix all of these ingredients. Add as much ice as you need. This will create thick blend that will taste just as good as an authentic Pina Colada… but much healthier! And you won’t have to feel guilty while drinking it.


            Although the latter recipes were all alcoholic beverage virgins, there are many alternatives you can create out there. You can mix virtually any kind of tea with fruit juice and add it to ice “on the rocks” to create a mock up of an alcoholic beverage. Anything chai tea based will serve as a great beverage as it has the slight kick of cinnamon to give you an edge. Otherwise create a drink that is based off of sparkling water. This will give you a mock up of champagne or other sparkling drinks.


            Alcohol is very tempting because it keeps you feeling refreshed. But don’t be misled because it does have high calorie content. Try some of these recipes or venture off and create your own mixture that will tantalize your taste buds and have you lounging, relaxed, and wanting more all knowing that you are staying healthy.


Erika Alexandra

Instagram: erika_alexandra

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