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Hi friends! Well, I have gotten so many requests for how I prepare my food and what I buy when I go grocery shopping that I thought I would start a whole series and take you guys along every week! Some weeks are always the same but I am more than happy to share my process! My coach, Kim Oddo, personalizes my nutrition based on my goals and what I am trying to achieve, so my diet may not be necessarily good for you…but as a beginner to eating clean and really fine tuning your diet, this is a great foundation and place to start! The key to all of this is being prepared all the time. See, the biggest thing I have learned is that once you see…I mean really understand how to fuel your body, this bright light shines and you can never go back to your old ways. I am on an Off season prep as I gear up for a bikini competition in May, so you will see my diet will change slightly each week. If you are interested in a competition and off season prep diet then follow along my #MealPrepSunday !



So here are OnO 



Once again, this varies each week and I often have a few of the spices already so check out my YouTube video to see what I made. I typically use balsamic vinaigrette, but I opted for a this italian dressing to spice up my salads...sometimes it is the little things.


Rolled Oats

Breakfast, protein pancakes...oats are my favorite and have become a staple. Every morning.



I usually eat brown rice but I like to change it up. Jasmine is a great alternative and I love the taste! Something about these bins get me excited! Add this carb to one to two of your meals! 


Green Beans

I always get green beans! I love Sprouts because the veggies are delicious and cheap. I also find that the green beans taste ok cold as well since sometimes I have to eat in the car...cold.


Rice Cakes

Well some people have different thoughts on rice cakes but I find them to be delicious, especially smothered in peanut butter! They are a great snack and are low in carbs, but filling! I love these at Sprouts!



Ok, so this is obvious, but I had to show it since most people don't realize that this is part of your eating clean beginners manual. YOU MUST DRINK WATER. A lot of it...One gallon a day is preferable and buying these gallons really help..It can be wasteful and certainly spendy..but if having them on hand helps you get hydrated then do it! You will feel amazing...I promise!


Peanut Butter

Oh peanut butter...I am not a chocolate fan..but peanut butter...I am loving the sprouts natural peanut butter lately, incorporate this into your is a great source of fat and will give you energy! I like to have my 1stPhorm protein shale, or even 2 rice cakes and a tbsp of peanut butter as a pre workout!



When my coach told me to pick up some jelly or preserves I nearly jumped out of my chair! I love this stuff...I chose a sugar free version but a tbsp on some rice cakes makes me very happy! 



I fell in love with these Stevia drops and never turned many oatmeal will be forever changed!! They can be a little expensive but they last a long will thank me later!


Egg Whites can buy whole eggs and crack them...but when you eat as many egg whites as I do these are perfect. You can make your protein pancakes and egg white muffins with this as well! I have several recipes on both on my blog and Youtube Channel, great source of protein...also a small trick...if you are starving at night and you well you have eaten all of your food, have a few egg whites, they will fill you up and are a great snack.



LOVE, I add these to my dinners!



I love asparagus...I always when I started competing and asparagus were the veggie of choice I was so excited...well until THAT was all I ate.. so I had to get creative and find all sorts of ways to cook it...BUT asparagus are a great won't bloat you and even acts a a natural diuretic!  


Yellow Squash

One of my favorite veggies! Roasted, sauteed, spaghetti, boiled...there are so many ways to make it and well, if you season it just right it is delicious! 


Brussel Sprouts

I never thought I would love brussel sprouts as much as I do...but man...they are delicious and when you start eating super clean they start to taste like steak I know a far stretch but wait! I like to saute them or broil them with olive oil!



Love cucumbers and love these mini cucumbers. I always have these on hand for a snack and love to add them to my salad.



Coach has me eating all kinds of potatoes. I usually have sweet potatoes or yams but this week I was getting crazy and picked up these baby reds and yellow potatoes! They are so delicious! No need to do anything fancy to them. I like to keep my serving around 3 oz, I weigh them before they are cooked, just keep it consistent!


Extra Lean Ground Turkey

Turkey meatballs, tacos, ground turkey is one of my favorites! I like to use the extra lean at 99% as I keep most of my fats for well peanut butter :O)



I love fish..cod, mahi mahi, salmon, tilapia...the fresh fish from Sprouts is my absolute favorite. Check out the video to see how I cook it.



Chicken is one of my favorite proteins, and grilling it is my favorite way to cook it. I get chicken strips, breasts, and filets...most of the time they are fresh!



I get all kinds of salsa this time I opted from some Pico de Gallo to add to my meals! 


Coconut Spray

You can find these at almost any store, Love it!


Olive Oil Spray

The spray makes it easy to manage and well, is delicious!



Great fat, and I love mixing my serving with salsa and adding it to my tacos!! 


Time for Meal Prep!


This trip involved my hubby and I must with my love is way more fun! Hope you guys got some great ideas and sample shopping list! See you next time I will share more about my supplements!


Shana Dahan is a Personal Life, Style, & Fitness Blogger in Las Vegas Nevada. Competing in her 3rd NPC show with the 702Angels and Kim Oddo, Shana hopes to inspire women to go after their dreams no matter how scary the may seem, With over 18 years of classical ballet and a passion for fashion, Shana will be featured on the Sweatstore blog showcasing new eat clean recipes, workouts & fashion for your fitness needs! Check back each week for a new post!


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