Fall Must Haves from The Sweat Store

            The temperature is getting colder, the leaves are changing colors and autumn is here which means it’s time for a wardrobe adjustment. Every year there is a new trend in style and color. This season the popular colors are predominantly rich in earth tones. Lucky for you, The Sweat Store has many new arrivals that will give you a head start in the autumn trend!

            First, let us introduce you to the Strut This Honey bralette and Flynn eggings in Army Geo print. Khaki Green/Olive is the most coveted color this season and this workout fit falls perfectly into that category. This outfit will have everyone asking you wear you bought it from. Both pieces are One Size Fits Most so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size for you.

            These ankle length Flynn Leggings are mid-high waisted, so they are high enough to pull in any excess skin you may want to keep tight around your hips. It also features flat side pockets which blend in seamlessly with the leggings so that you can store keys, ipad, and etc.

            The Honey Bralette is the perfect crop top because it features a long midriff length that makes it appropriate to wear out with a pair of jeans as well! The bra also has a String-racer back so that you can change up your style in case you get bored of the traditional tank top shoulder strap style.

            The WR.UP 7/8 Ankle Booty Pants in Light Brown would make a great addition to your wardrobe this fall. For all of us ladies that are working out to build a rounder booty, these pants will give you an extra boost in motivation when you see how much rounder they make your butt look! It’s a good thing that there’s no such thing as too much motivation… or too much booty :D

            This light brown color is another earth tone color that is in style this year and will flatter every skin tone. These booty pants feature a silicone lining at the hips and waist for a non-slip grip to lift your booty. They are great to make an impression on your night out! No one will ever be able to tell that these are leggings. It’ll be our little secret ;)

            All we can say about this Black Net Hoodie is “Mesh. Mesh. Mesh.” How could anyone not fall in love with this hoodie? The mesh/net detailing will make your outfit stand out! This hoodie is ideal for slightly chillier weather, where you can show off that cute sports bra without being too cold. It also works great if you want to be a little edgy but feel insecure about revealing too much of your midriff area. Boost your confidence and style a little bit by wearing this hoodie over your outfit. The best part is that it’s only $39!!




Erika Alexandra


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