Why it’s not a good idea to go full face makeup to the gym


            Deep down, we all know that it can’t be good to work out with a full face of makeup on. Sometimes, however, we’re just pressed for time or maybe too lazy to wipe your makeup off before working out because, after all, you’re going to sweat and wash everything off later anyway, right? As convenient as it may be to wait to wash your face until after you’re workout, it is detrimental for your skin and you should avoid doing so. Some people, on the other hand, apply makeup just before going to the gym, may it be because of insecurities or just because it completes your cute workout outfit. This is an even bigger taboo. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym.


  1. Acne Issues - Wearing makeup while you work out will contribute to the growth of acne. When exposed to heat and in this case, when working out, our pores open up which makes it easier for sweat, dirt, and makeup to enter the skin. This blocks your skins ability to breathe. Once your body has cooled down, your pores will return to its normal compressed size and contain any dirt, makeup, and sweat that you haven’t washed off. This is what causes you to break out.


  1. Prevents Detox - Although this goes hand in hand with the last bullet point, it is important to elaborate. Sweating is a way for your body to detox aka get rid of any toxins within your body. Wearing makeup will hinder your body’s process of natural cleansing.


  1. Waste of Money - Wearing makeup while breaking a sweat is just a waste of money. Makeup isn’t cheap, so think about how much product and money you are wasting when you sweat it all off. Is it really worth it, to apply that much makeup just to go to the gym for an hour?


  1. Runny Makeup - Runny makeup isn’t cute. Even the most waterproof of mascara will run down your cheeks and add to your clogged pores. If you’re really working out hard, you’ll makeup will continue to run from your cheeks to your cute workout clothes and may even stain your lighter colored outfits. Not to mention, it is unhygienic for you and others if your runny makeup gets all over the gym equipment.


  1. Harmful to your eyes - If clogged pores isn’t bad enough, makeup + sweat dripping into your eyes is just as bad, if not worse. If you haven’t noticed how painful it is when you get an eyelash or a piece of dust in your eye, you should know that eyes are a very sensitive part of your body. If you were to get mascara or runny makeup in your eyes, it can cause irritation as well as damage to your lashes if your rub your eyes.


Give your skin a break from makeup while you’re at the gym. You’d be surprised to see how refreshing it feels.



Erika Alexandra


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