Why sunscreen is vital for outdoor workouts

            Working out outdoors is a great way to burn extra calories especially when it’s scorching hot outside. Regardless, it’s mid-summer and everyone should be wearing sun screen. Don’t underestimate the dangers of sun damage, which can include skin cancer. Most people don’t know that a suntan is actually unhealthy. It is how the body responds to damage. To be technical, your skin tans because your body produces melanin (which is a skin color pigment) when sun rays are absorbed by your skin. Sunburn, on the other hand, is your body’s response to too much sun exposure which exceeds the speed at which your skin can produce melanin in response to absorbing rays.

            Another thing people often misconceive is that wearing sunscreen will prevent you from tanning. Even the strongest of sunscreen can’t protect your skin from all UV rays. Bottom line is, you’ll still tan through your sunscreen, so if you ultimately do want to get tan, there’s no reason to avoid protecting your skin. Although a tan can make you look healthy, they can cause your skin to age prematurely as well as the aforementioned risk of melanoma skin cancer. With the sun getting stronger year after year, rates of skin cancer have also been increasing exponentially. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself:


  • Always wear sunscreen that has a minimum of 30 SPF, preferably water proof. Go with a stronger SPF for your face so that you don’t expose yourself to premature aging from excessive sun exposure. Also, remember to reapply every two hours or even sooner if you tend to sweat a lot.
  • Apply your sunscreen before you pull on your workout gear so that you don’t miss any spots.
  • Lean towards lotions instead of sprays to make sure that you’re thoroughly saturating your skin with complete coverage.
  • To provide your face with even more protection, put on a baseball cap. It also helps keep the baby hairs out of your face.
  • Avoid the hottest hours of the day. The sun is strongest between hours of 10AM to 4PM so get your outdoor workout in before or after those hours. It’ll be a lot easier on your body too, since temperatures will be slightly cooler.
  • Your shoulders and nose are the most susceptible to getting sun burn so make sure to apply generously on those areas. After all, peeling skin isn’t a cute look.


            Above all, make sure to stay hydrated when working out outdoors. Dehydrating yourself can be just as dangerous as the long term risks of exposing yourself to the sun.



Erika Alexandra

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