Gym Essentials: What’s in your gym bag?

            Your gym bag is kind of like a woman’s purse… It will reflect you, your personality and potentially your fitness goals as well. Although gym bag contents will vary depending on who is carrying it, there are definitely some essentials that every bag should have. Here are some things you can toss in your gym bag to make your workout safer and more 


1. Proper Workout Clothes: Let’s start with some of the basics. In order to have an effective workout, you have to have the proper training clothes. Moisture wicking fitness wear is definitely an essential so that you don’t get weighed down with sweat absorbed clothing. For example, the leggings by Niyama Sol make for perfect breathable pants during your high intensity workout. Also, don’t forget to bring appropriate workout shoes!

2. Water Bottle: As if having to walk across the gym to reach the water fountain isn’t bad enough, they are covered in bacteria especially on the handle. Reduce your exposure to bacteria by bringing your own water bottle and make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your workout… especially if you are doing cardio!

3. Deodorant: To some, this may not be so much an essential, but just a high priority preference. Personally, this is one of the most important items on the must-have list in general. Having and wearing deodorant can help you keep your mind fully focused on your workout instead of worrying about how you smell around others. Everyone has their own preference between spray on and stick deodorants, but I would recommend spray ons for the post workout deodorant “fix” so that you don’t contaminate your deodorant stick with sweat and other bacteria.

4. Face Wash: You may not want to or have the time to shower at the gym right after your workout. You should, however, at least wash your face before you leave the gym. This is one of the few skin-care rules that you should not break. When you sweat during a workout, your pores expand. This allows sweat, oil, and dirt to clog your pores. This is why it is so important to wash your face right away while your pores are still enlarged from your workout so that you can wash out all the bacteria. If you wait till you get home, you are asking for pimples. If you don’t have access to running water, then bring some facial wipes.

5. Music: Whether you keep your music on your phone or on your ipod, you should bring your music with you to the gym! Plugging in your headphones can help you stay focused on your workout by preventing you to from being distracted by others around you. In addition, the right beat can also add fuel to your workout and make you perform better than without any music at all.

6. Towel: Whether you plan on showering after your workout or not, you should definitely bring a smaller towel to the gym so that you can wipe the sweat off of your face frequently. This way you don’t have to use the back of your hand to wipe off the sweat on your face.


Erika Alexandra


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