New Brand Alert: Track and Bliss

            If you are looking to spice up your workout wardrobe then today is the day! The Sweat Store has launched a new brand on their shelves and it is a definite show stopper. This new collection inspire you to step away from dull colors and plain styles, and will motivate you to get into the gym so you can show off your new staple workout pieces. The new brand is called Track & Bliss, which is a luxurious line that emanates an urban edge-like attitude, that is bound to make you feel sexy and empowered. The Sweat Store has three new pieces from Track & Bliss that are perfect for your high sweat workouts and provides you with a high fashion stylistic flair. Let us introduce you to the three new arrivals:


Hatha Fold Over Shorts - This is a beautiful pair of 3 inch shorts that is fabricated with different materials, prints, and textures. The design includes, black and lilac color blocking paired with zigzag, and mosaic patterns. The lower side leg panels are made of black mesh to provide you with refreshing breathability. These shorts are very versatile by allowing you to wear it unfolded, to provide you with a high waisted retro look or you can fold it over to the rise of your choice. Every figure is different and this style allows you to mold the waist line according to your personal fashion taste and comfort. These shorts are made of nylon, cotton and spandex which make them very stretchy and comfortable for high performance workouts.


Patchwork Lilac Bra - There are no words to describe how gorgeous this bra is. It features contrasting prints and fabrics for an eccentric and unique look. It includes, black and lilac color blocking paired with a colorful zigzag, black and white mosaic and polka dotted patterns. This bra also includes removable cups to provide you with a generous amount of support. This bra is an identical match to the Hatha Fold Over Shorts and is bound to make a fashion statement both inside and outside the gym.


Macrame Bra in Lilac - This is such a flirty bra with braids in the front straps and multiple zig zag straps in the back which will make you want to wear this sports bra as a bralette. If you’re not in the gym you can definitely pair this top with a pair of high waisted shorts or skirt. The subtle details in this bra are EVERYTHING! The beautifully dreamy lilac color is vibrant and feminine which makes it a must have “staple” piece in everyone’s wardrobe. This bra includes removable pads for moderate support; therefore it is better suited for weight lifting, yoga and pilates.


You can find all these gorgeous pieces at the Las Vegas The Sweat Store location or on our website now. Summer’s coming fast, so don’t miss out on these amazing finds!


Erika Alexandra


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