Braided Hair Looks for the Gym

            If you’re planning on doing some cardio or lifting weights, you’re likely to tie up your hair. Nothing is more annoying that you’re hair whipping at your face as you're trying to run a couple miles on the treadmill. Sometimes it takes as little as a pin to secure all strands of your hair to prevent it from falling out during your high intensity workout. Having the right hairstyle is important in order to have an uninterrupted workout. Not to mention, it will give you a stylistic edge to your outfit. Try some of these hairstyles so you can focus on your workout instead of your hair.


Braided Ponytail: This is a very easy hairdo that will keep your hair from getting frizzy after you've been sweating. All you need is two elastic hair bands. Tie your hair into a high or low pony tail first. Then, divide your pony tail into three bundles of hair and start braiding until you get close to running out of hair to braid. That’s when you’ll pull out the second hair tie and bind the end of your braid to keep it from unbraiding itself. If you want to get fancy, get a clear elastic band to give your braided pony tail a seamless finish.


Headband Braid: There are many ways to create a headband braid, but here’s one example that will set the stage for how you want to do yours. This is a perfect hairdo if you have annoying fly away bands or baby hairs. First, brush your hair to release any tangles you may have. Next, part you hair to your liking, this is where your braid will start. Then, take a small part of your hair (including your bangs) from the front of your head and section your hair and start braiding. As you braid, pick up small strands of hair from your head and incorporate it into the sections of your hair that you’re braiding. Work your way across your head and add strands of hair as you go. When you're finished with your braid, tie the end with a clear elastic band and the rest is easy. Just tie your hair into a pony tail. When you're done with your workout, you can untie your pony tail and keep your headband braid to get that effortless mermaid hair style.


Braided Bun: This one’s a little easier than the headband braid. This is an elegant and chic ballet inspired up-do that is totally appropriate for your workouts. For those of you with longer hair, you may want to try this style to prevent your long pony tail from bouncing around behind you as you run or do other forms of cardio. To start, tie your hair into a high pony tail. Then braid your pony tail hair until you run out of hair and tie it in a clear elastic band. To give your braid some more volume, tug on the sides of your braids a little to loosen it. This will give the illusion that you have denser hair. Now, wrap your braid around the base of your pony tail and secure it with bobby pins.


Erika Alexandra


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