Built-in Sports Bras. Are they for you?

A lot of women don't want to spend a ton of money on clothes that they are going to sweat in… especially a new uber-pricy sports bra when you have a ton of every day regular bras. But a sports bra is a workout wardrobe staple that you really shouldn’t skimp on and you absolutely need.

           Regardless of cup size, large or small,  a girl should always wear the appropriate bra for her workout. The great thing about sports bras is that, nowadays, many of them are built right into super fashionable workout tops.

            Having a built-in sports bra has many advantages. First of all, it's an instant money-saver;  you're not investing in two separates: sports bra and top. Not to mention, with all of your savings, you can invest in other wardrobe staples such as, sneakers, moisture wicking pants, or even a nice sporty zip up jacket.

            Not only does having a build in sports bra save you money, but it also saves you some time in the changing room. Instead of having to put your sports bra AND top on, you can put your bra and top on at the same time. You know what else that means… no more struggling to take your sports bra off after its been drenched in sweat.

            For those of you that prefer to wear a tank top layered over your favorite bra,  you may really benefit from investing in a great built in sports bra tops.  Plus these days designers know that women crave support and many of the built-in tops out there are highly supportive and ideal for just about any activity.   You still ask why this option is right for you?  First of all, it will save you time when you’re searching your sports bra drawer for a coordinating color or print to the top you've already chosen. On top of that you will look instantly put together because you won’t be showing your bra straps beneath your tank top.

Just because you’re sweating at the gym, doesn’t mean your outfit shouldn't reflect your personal style and (secret) keen money-saving abilities!

            One of the more important reasons as to why a built in sports bra can save you trouble at the gym is because of comfort. You don’t have to worry about the overlapping seams irritating your skin, there is no constant adjusting of your bra beneath and finally knowing you look great is sure to put anyone at ease.

            Here are a couple built- in bra tops that you can’t go wrong with that can be found at www.thesweatstore.com


1. Nux Maui Tank - The Sweat Store sells this in three different colors: Rose (as shown above), Black, or Blue. This tank features a built in shelf bra and adjustable straps so you don’t have to worry about your shirt hanging too low.


2. Nux Dash Balance Racer Cami - The Sweat Store offers this top in black and red. This is a breathable cami with two layers which gives the illusion that you are wearing two pieces but really its a bra and tank in one. This is perfect for those of you that prefer to wear loser clothing.



-Erika Alexandra




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