Skin Hacks for the Fitness Girl

Working out is healthy for your body in order to lose weight or to stay in shape, but it can stress out your skin if you don’t take care of it properly. Sweat and oil will clog up your pores and cause acne not only on your face but on your body. Here are some skin hacks you can refer to after your workout, so you can prevent breakouts as much as possible.


1. Wash and Clean. Cleaning your skin immediately after a sweaty workout is probably one of the most effective ways to prevent any breakouts. It will prevent any sweat, makeup, sunscreen and other “grime” from drying up and clogging your pores. Clogged up pores prevents your skin from being able to breathe properly, leads to a buildup or bacteria, and eventually causes a pimple to surface. It can be as quick as a 60 second shower to rinse off any debris on your body.  Those 60 seconds can make a big difference to your skin. If you’re in a rush, you don’t even need to bother washing your hair. Just use some dry shampoo.


    2. Use a Toner. If you really don’t have a minute to spare for a quick shower, then use a toner soaked cotton swab/pad to wipe off your face and any other parts of your body you feel necessary. Whether it’s a simple face wipe, salicylic acid based toner, or witch hazel, wiping down your skin (especially your face) with any of these will wipe off any residual sweat and dirt to prevent your pores from inflaming and breaking out. Be careful with salicylic acid products because you don’t want to use too much of it as it will dehydrate your skin if you overdo it. Dehydrated skin will also cause blemishes so be sure to use sparingly and find your happy medium!

      3. Moisturize. Once you’ve stopped sweating and “disinfected” your skin with a toner or a shower, you should always moisturize. This goes back to our last point about how dehydrated skin can cause a breakout. Choose a fragrance free, non-comedogenic moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. This is an important step especially after using salicylic acid products. You also want to make sure you stay away from oil based moisturizers. After all, you want to stay hydrated… not greasy.


        4. Avoid Makeup. If you can help it, avoid wearing makeup while working out… and if possible, avoid it for a couple hours post workout as well. If you must conceal, then use a light BB or CC cream. I would stay away from heavy foundations and concealers. Wearing makeup while working out just adds “grime” to your face and makes it difficult for the sweat to evaporate naturally. You don’t want your skin to trap your makeup on top of your sweat.


          5. Exfoliate. Exfoliating has great benefits that go beyond soft skin. When you exfoliate, you are scraping off dead skin cells which otherwise would prevent your skin from being able to “breathe” properly. Exfoliating regularly not only keeps your skin smooth but can help the texture and complexion of your skin. So, while you’re in the shower, take an extra minute to scrub.


            6. Keep your Hands Off! This one is very important. One thing I learned from my aesthetician many years ago was to keep my hands off of my face. Don’t rest your chin on your hands or cup your forehead with your hands. Now you can imagine all the bacteria you are spreading on your face after touching gym equipment. It doesn’t matter whether you touch equipment with your hands or not, bottom line is that there are tons of bacteria on the surface of your hands and you don’t want to spread that onto your face.


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