Tanning to look more fit

Do you ever feel like you just need an extra little bit of something to look more defined? Of course, eating healthier meals and getting your booty to the gym more often is the obvious solution. But for some of us, that isn’t always the easiest option. Perhaps you’ve heard about how a tan can make you look skinner and  more fit?  Well that rumor happens to be correct and I'll explain why.

            There is a reason why fitness/bikini body competitors tan before their competition day: it makes your muscles look more defined and look more fit. Darker skin creates more shadows whereas lighter skin reflects more light and minimizes the appearance of shadows. This is why tan skin helps define your muscles more: it creates a deeper shadow. Tanner skin tricks the eyes to believe that you are thinner than you actually are. It’s the same reason as to why we look thinner in darker clothing that we do in white clothing.

            This is also why contouring has become so popular. Whether it is contouring your cheekbones, contouring your cleavage to make your breasts look bigger, or even contouring your muscles they all improve your look. These all create the illusion of whatever it is you’re contouring, to look bigger. The deeper the shadow, the more defined you look.

            Not only does tanning make you look more fit, but is also helps conceal any imperfections you have. If you have any blemishes or scars across your body, tanning will make those areas look less obvious and will also provide you with a healthy skin glow. Wearing makeup isn’t as necessary when you’ve camouflaged your imperfections with a tan.

            I would never encourage a tanning bed, or lying out in the sun to tan, but with the availability of numerous self tanning products, it has become so easy and safe to be tan when you naturally are not. Self tanning products cut down natural tanning time and also reduce the risk of skin cancer.

            So, if you’re in a rush and need to look a couple pounds thinner or just more defined, then try some of my personal favorite tanning products:


1. Million Dollar Tan - This brand has two lines: Cabana Tan vs. Cabana Tan Extreme. The Cabana Tan is perfect for those of you that want a buildable tan and the Cabana Tan Extreme is meant for those that want to go as dark as possible. They offer a variety of formulas, such as sprays, mousse, and lotion. This is my personal favorite tanning brand as it applies so seamlessly, fades evenly and also does not look orange at all. I would recommend two separate self tanners for the face and body, as your face is a little more sensitive. The Million Dollar Tan face lotion contains ingredients that protect your skin against UV damage and premature aging. It also contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter to help keep your skin hydrated and also improves skin tone.


2. Tropez - This is another great competitor to Million Dollar Tan. This is sold in stores such as Ulta (unlike Million Dollar Tan which is only sold online) so it is much more accessible that don’t have time to wait. Similar to Million Dollar Tan, St. Tropez offers a regular tan range as well as a darker tan range.


            Both brands last about 1-2 weeks depending on how often you moisturize your skin. However, personally, I prefer Million Dollar Tan because it faded slightly more naturally. But this is definitely no knock on St. Tropez as it creates just as much of a beautiful and natural tan. At this point it is just personal preference as to which brand you’d like to support.

Don’t forget to exfoliate before self tanning!


Erika Alexandra

Instagram: @erika_alexandra

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