Fitness fabrics and investing in the essentials.

Do you ever get that cold shiver down your spine after a long workout that has caused you to drench your clothes with sweat? 

I’m sure we have all experienced that chilling breeze at least once and it is not the least bit refreshing. Not to mention, it could cause you to catch a cold. This is why appropriate fitness wear is essential. Whether you’re going on a run, dancing in a Zumba class, lifting weights, or attending a yoga class, you should always wear the right clothing. Wearing the right workout clothes can make the biggest difference between a miserable workout and an enjoyable one. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in your fitness essentials:


Wearing cotton for sweat-heavy workouts may be the biggest mistake you will make.  We're not saying cotton fabrics are a nono for every workout type but for sweat-heavy sessions, it may not be the best choice.

Cotton may be soft and comfortable but some cotton blends actually soak up (instead of wick away moisture.)  This prevents your body from being able to cool properly on those hot summer days. In the winter, it can chill your core, which isn't a fun scenario.   Plus nobody likes sweat rings all over their clothes.

We know cotton is highly popular and often affordable but there are other fabrics that draw sweat away from your body  better. This is also referred to as “wicking” .  This is important because it allows your sweat to evaporate instead of build up in your non-wicking fabric.

If you're in love with cotton, try a blend.  Opt for a true fitness/yoga brand that tests fabric blends and ensures their performance for sweaty workouts. 

We suggest Beyond Yoga. They are made with 90% Supplex and 10% Lycra which makes for a luxuriously soft and durable moisture-wicking fabric that has a super soft "cotton-like" feel.  

Their range is perfect for all workouts, especially those of you that are high performance athletes. This fabric will give you a generous amount of stretch room but will recover fully to ensure color and shape retention no matter how often you wear or wash it.


2. Comfort is essential to enjoy a workout. You should choose fabrics that allow you to move freely without restricting you. Also, avoid any fabrics that would irritate your skin during fast or repetitive movements. Spandex, Nylon, and Lycra are always great materials to invest in. Let’s also note that Beyond Yoga has softness to it similar to your comfortable cotton clothing you always wear. It’s a great alternative and has all the right materials that are ideal to workout in.


3. You should always be able to layer your workout clothes. You want your wardrobe to be versatile so that you can wear them through the coldest of winters and the hottest of summers. Our Beyond Yoga Victory Tank is great for layering and is made of Nylon and Lycra so it is very gentle for your skin and also dries very quickly which is perfect for all weather conditions and makes it the ideal fitness wear. In addition, the cutout in the back makes it easy to move around in regardless of what your workout is: running, yoga, pilates, etc.


4. It is always important to consider the fit of your clothing depending on your workout. For those of you that run or do yoga, you may want to stick with fitted clothing so that your clothes don’t get in the way. Our Beyond Yoga pants are fitting and also have a slimming quality, which is perfect to give you a little extra confidence.


All of these are very important reasons to consider when buying workout clothing. Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when working out. So, invest in some “wicking” fabric and you will also open a door to a wider variety of stylish and comfortable workout clothing. Whether your petite, curvy, or just an on the go mom, Beyond Yoga fits every life style. Feeling good about what you’re in will be the perfect motivation to get you moving and Beyond Yoga is a great way to start your comfortable workout journey!


Erika Alexandra

Instagram: @erika_alexandra

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