Trend Spotlight: Bralets

Once upon a time, anything that showed too much skin was taboo. Even showing the slightest bit of your bra strap came across as completely tacky and distasteful. Since then, style has evolved and crop tops became the new trend, and from that trend something new has emerged: the bralet. The days where underwear was only meant to be seen inside the bedroom is long gone.

            Bralets, come in many forms. Those who are more confident and risqué, may wear a bralet that looks similar to unlined lingerie: this can also be referred to as the “exposed bra trend”. Bralets, however, do not have to be sheer. They can also come in the form of a bandeau bra or just spaghetti strapped, cropped top.

            This new trend, if dressed stylishly, is meant to be elegant and feminine. Out of all of the trends that have emerged over the years, from Crocs to scrunchy hair ties, to the comeback of overalls, this bralet trend is my favorite as it really helps project a woman’s confidence and helps accentuate the female figure.

            So what’s the best way to incorporate a bralet into your daily outfit? Well, the good news is that there are countless ways to wear one.


1. Let’s start with a more “conservative” You can always layer a bralet under a sheer top/blouse, muscle shirt, or even a knitted top. If you really want to make a statement, choose a bright bralet to wear with a dark top. This makes a great accent piece. If you prefer less of a ‘pop’, then choose a darker bralet under your shirt. This is subtle and suggestive which makes your outfit sexy!

2. For those of you that want to show a little skin but aren’t yet 100% confident or sure of this new trend, try wearing a bralet with a pair of high top pants. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the new style, especially during the winter time. If you live in scorching hot weather, try pairing it with a maxi skirt to keep yourself cool.

3. For those of you that just want to go all out, you can pair a bralet with some high wasted shorts, mini skirt, or even a cute circle skirt. Since your bralet is a skin tight garment, I would recommend the circle skirt for an elegant look!

4. Another stylishly suggestive look is to pair your bralet with a loose tank top or t-shirt. This will give you an effortlessly cute put-together appearance.

5. Wear your bralet with a lace top! Just because.

6. If you plan on going to the gym but don’t feel like bringing too many clothes to change into after your workout, try our 2 Tone Sports Bra by Nina B Roze. It has a mesh underlay which dupes as a stylish, outdoor friendly bralet as well. Here you can knock two birds with one stone by buying a sports bra that serves two purposes. Beyond Yoga also makes stylish bralets for you yoga girls!

7. Wear your bralet with a pair of leggings if you want to stay comfy. Or you can pair it with some boyfriend jeans and a pair of heels.


As you can see, there are endless ways to wear your bralet so don’t limit your creativity to these suggestions!

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