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What exactly is a Sweat Store Brand Ambassador?

What's exactly a Sweat Store Brand Ambassador?

Essentially, these are amazing people who help to spread brand awareness while helping to create a movement through showing their love for the brand, all while scoring free swag & generous commission pay along the way.
A potential Brand Ambassador is an outgoing individual who is active in their digital social community.  They should be on trend, passionate about fashion, and influential to their following.  Our brand ambassadors are super self motivated.  Additionally, candidates should be very active on Instagram & Facebook and those with Youtube channels, personal blogs etc are definitely ahead of the pack! 
Finally, you should be crazy about our offering, designer lineup, company ethos and be passionate to share our brand with everyone you know!
When you become a brand ambassador, you’ll get access to tons of free swag perks & your very own trackable referral code that your friends, family and followers can use to shop at 15% off.  On top of all of that, you will earn 5-10% commission on all sales used with your discount code, payable to you monthly!
To be a part of our Brand Ambassdor team, we ask that you be 18 & over. You can live anywhere, not just the US!